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No complaints whatsoever

We’ve had a great experience using The Swimming Pool Store. We’ve been using them for the past four years and have always received top notch service. They arrive pretty quickly whenever we call them with a problem and their customer service is excellent. Bill is professional, courteous, and diligent. We’re very happy with the service and would recommend them.

Very great to work with

I bought a pool there at The Swimming Pool Store and had it installed. They were very helpful with all the different options and explaining them. Once the pool was installed, the came out to the house and explained how it was run and what upkeep to do.

Treat you like family!

The Swimming Pool Store put my pool in for me and currently maintains it. I have been dealing with them for sixteen years. They are really nice people and make you feel more like family than a customer. Their prices are fair and they always stick to the original estimate that they give you. I feel comfortable recommending them.

Beyond my expectations!

The Swimming Pool Store put in our swimming pool for us. They performed beyond my expectations. I recommend them all of the time. They have put in pools for many of my friends as well. The work they do is excellent and very high quality.

Reliable, efficient, and professional

The Swimming Pool Store is incredible! I like them because they know what excellent, old school customer service is. They set you up right away and are very quick to follow up. I’ve always gotten fantastic service from them for the past 15 years. I’ve known Joel for so long and he’s the best. I always get general maintenance and repairs done for my pool at super reasonable prices. They’ve helped me fix leaks and I buy all of my parts from them. I’m so glad to have found them to keep my pool working wonderfully.

Very responsive

The Swimming Pool Store is very responsive, and they quickly answer any questions I may have. When I have an issue with my pool, I can get Bill or Joe to quickly come and take a look, or they at least send someone else in if they can’t make it in.

Affordable and helpful

The Swimming Pool Store helps us out with any needs we have with our pool. They do routine maintenance and we can tell that they have high integrity in their work. Their prices are great and the technicians are always polite and knowledgeable. We’ve had no problems with them thus far and we’d definitely recommend them.

Excellent service

I’ve used The Swimming Pool Store for many years and definitely plan on continuing to do so. Their whole staff is extremely knowledgeable and timely with their service. They always send very reliable and confident technicians who obviously take pride in what they do. I believe that their business is very well-run.
Matt and Bill are extremely good with what they’ve done for us. We continue to use The Swimming Pool Store because we have developed loyalty to them based on their excellent workmanship. The prices are reasonable for the quality of the work. On top of routine maintenance, they’ve done significant, complex repairs for our pool like replacing the skimmer lines. I’d highly recommend them.

Very good

We buy our pool chemicals through The Swimming Pool Store and they test our water as well. They’re very cooperative, as in, they try to get us what we need.

Courteous and professional service

The Swimming Pool Store is fantastic. I’ve been using them for the last ten years and find them to be a wonderful company to work with. They’ve done many maintenance jobs for my in-ground pool and their estimated prices always match what I pay. I also go in there all of the time just to get supplies to test my pool water and whatnot. Nat is great to work with. He’s just very knowledgeable and always willing to work with you. The last time that I used The Swimming Pool Store, they sent out guys to install a new pump for my pool and Nat ended up charging me half of the labor fees based on them completing the job faster than expected. I would definitely recommend them.

Keep doing what you’ve always done!

When The Swimming Pool Store opened, our pool was the first one they installed in Burlington. They make sure everything goes smoothly, and they’re very nice to have over to your house. They treat you like you’re part of their family, and they treat you the same way when you visit visit their store. Joe was a great guy. He used to have me come sit with him. I miss him quite a but, but I think Matt is doing a good job. He will follow through with the family business. Their prices are good and equal to the big box stores, and they are very good about helping with maintenance of your pool. They will give advice over the phone for all your needs. They will help out with pumps or parts, and if you have a financial hardship, they will help try and save you money.

Awesome customer relations

On May of 2013 the swimming pool store installed a brand new liner in my 30 foot above ground pool. In April 2014, the liner suffered a seam failure during the winter which caused all the water to leak out of the pool, which then caused the cover (with a ton of ice still on it) to fall in the pool. Subsequently, causing a lot of wall damage. Matt and his workers came out the next day to look at my pool and were willing to help from the start. End result: The swimming pool store gave me a new liner, installed it for free, and fixed my walls at no cost. The only thing I had to do was put water in the pool. Matt and all of the swimming pool store employees really went above and beyond and made a very stressful incident turn out for the best. This type of customer relations is why I keep going to the Swimming Pool Store and keep recommending them to all of my friends and family.

Very happy with everything

Our experience with the Swimming Pool Store was excellent from start to finish. They took their time with the design and answered all of our questions thoroughly. The swimming pool was completed on time and within our budget. They made it happen like clockwork! They are experienced, professional, and polite. We love the design. This was our first time using them and found them very reasonable priced.

A Good Company

The Swimming Pool Store replaced the liner in our pool and installed a heater in the pool. They were very professional, proactive, showed up on time, and provided good products. They stand behind what they do.

8 years of terrific service

I have been using The Swimming Pool Store for openings and closings, and repairs and water testing. They are always courteous and professional, and really do make you feel like part of the family. They just replaced our liner, and it could not have gone more smoothly. I had a lot of questions, and they answered them all. They also took the time to show me samples of the liner in their pool, so I knew what I was getting, taking out the guesswork. I am thrilled with how the pool looks. I never worry about a pool issue, because I know they will take care of anything that comes up, quickly and with a fair price.

Great company to work with

The Swimming Pool Company is second to none in working with their customers to get the results the consumer wants. Whether it an opening, closing, repairs, or help with getting the water perfectly balanced they will see to all your needs until you are satisfied. Recently the liner in my in ground pool needed to be replaced and they took care of every detail. The company even did extra work on the vermiculite floor at no extra cost to the contract. I would highly recommend The Swimming Pool Company as a service contractor if you own a pool.

A very pleasant experience

I had a fantastic experience with The Swimming Pool Store. They were very helpful and innovative with designing a pool for our backyard. The quality of their workmanship was impressive and they used top notch equipment. After four years, the swimming pool still works excellently and looks beautiful. They were reasonably priced and I enjoyed how communicative they were during the whole process. This was my first time using them and I’d highly recommend them.

Very nice people

The people at The Swimming Pool Store were great people and I’m sorry about the loss of their father, who was the owner. They are a nice family. The owner came over and gave good advice. He was knowledgeable and had fair prices. I didn’t know him that well, but he seemed like a really nice man.


I’ve been using The Swimming Pool Store for about ten years. They are always there when I need them. They perform maintenance for me, and if I have a problem, they come right out. I recommend them!

THE best pool service around, would recommend them to anyone!

The Swimming Pool Store is pretty terrific. They show up when they say they would and always do a thorough job. They tell you how much they’re going to charge you and only charge that exact amount. They finish when they say they would as well. They’re very business-like.
They handle anything and everything to do with our pool. They open it beginning of season and close at the end. They come by once a week to clean it out and also come anytime we have a problem. They’re always very reliable.

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