Group of kids in swimming pool

Enjoy your pool this summer with our pool season ‘get in the swim’ incredible specials!

We are sure that your goal for your pool is to keep it beautiful, maintained, and trouble-free for the entire season so you get the most enjoyment for the longest period of time. That’s our goal too and we have great specials all summer long to help us help you realize your goal!

Let us take the work and worry out of the weekly maintenance your pool requires by offering a cost-effective maintenance program starting with letting us open your pool for the season. Or if you do your own maintenance but would like us to open your pool, let us know!

Let us open your pool and enjoy 15% off your first order of balancing chemicals!

With a fully balanced and properly opened pool, you won’t need to worry about green or acidic water when planning your weekend and holiday pool parties.

Schedule a pool opening with The Swimming Pool Store during the month of April and receive a 15% discount on your first order of balancing chemicals!

You can schedule your pool opening with us over the phone: (860) 673-6118 or visit this page to submit a formwith your preferred open date.