Today I’d like to discuss another great benefit of Borate treatment use in above ground swimming pools and inground swimming pools which is the way it makes your water feel on your skin.  One of the biggest selling points with this great product is the ability to give pool water that soft silky feel that pool owners love.  It has a similar effect of adding bath salts to your bath water for a more soothing, muscle relaxing experience.  Borates are so soothing that they are one of the main ingredients in Visine eye drops.

In addition to all the great benefits previously stated in other posts, Borates also act as a natural inhibitor to corrosion, which is a common problem in salt-water pools.  They also prevent scaling by preventing increases in pH and act as a weak chelating agent when they bind with calcium (which is what causes the scaling)

Summary of all the benefits are:

  • Borate only needs to be added to the pool water once in the Spring
  • Great pH buffering agent
  • Less algae growth
  • Water feels like silk
  • Save on electricity – run your pump filter less

Since we believe so strongly in using borates in pools, we are offering a couple of great specials to encourage you to try this great product.  Visit our specials page on our website to find out more or click on the pictures below to go right to the information pages about these specials:

Happy Swimming!