Today I’d like to discuss another great benefit of Borate treatment use in above ground swimming pools and inground swimming pools that often goes unnoticed is reduction of time required to run the pool pump and therefore reduction in electricity costs.  Pump running time reductions of 40% are common with times as great as 70% often seen.  This can be a savings of several hundred dollars over the course of a summer for most pool owners. Why are pool owners able to run their pumps so much less by adding borates?  This safe chemical helps to keep the water clean and sparkling without as much filtration.  Borates actually increase the refractory index of water so more light is reflected, thus sparkling, crystal clear water.

Summary of all the benefits are:

  • Borate only needs to be added to the pool water once in the Spring
  • Great pH buffering agent
  • Less algae growth
  • Water feels like silk
  • Save on electricity – run your pump filter less

We strongly believe in the benefits of using Borate in swimming pools.

Happy Swimming!