Today, I’d like to summarize the benefits of Borate treatment use in above ground swimming pools and inground swimming pools.  These benefits have been discussed in detail in recent blog posts:

  • It only needs to be added to the pool water once in the Spring
  • Great pH buffering agent
  • Less algae growth
  • Water feels like silk
  • Save on electricity – run your pump filter less

The only thing that holds many of my customers back from using it is the cost.  They see borate as an optional additive that they have lived without for all these years, so why bother start using it now?  Unlike most chemicals, they do not dissipate in water and are only removed when water is taken out of the pool.  What that means is that they only need to be added once at the beginning of the season and your level of 30-50 ppm is maintained throughout the year. Once borates have been added, the following spring you usually only have to add a smaller dose to boost levels when the pool is first opened, but never as much as is required for your initial dose.  With all of these awesome benefits, it really makes no sense to not be adding borates to your swimming pool.  And right now The Swimming Pool Store is offering two great specials to all our existing and new customers. If you use us to open your pool we will add Borates to the water at no additional charge.  

We strongly believe in the benefits of Borates! Ask us for more information and Happy Swimming!