Today I’d like to discuss some of the chemistry behind the benefits for using Borate treatment in your above ground swimming pools and your inground swimming pools.  The use has increased dramatically over the past decade by pool professionals and homeowners alike.  The main use is as a pH-buffering agent. When added to your pool. it will help to prevent the pH level from going too high (basic) or too low (acidic). The second beneficial feature is that they prevent algae growth. A common misconception is that Borates stop algae growth by starving the water of CO2 or carbon dioxide. The actual mechanism involves interference of algal photosynthesis and metabolism via locking up nucleotide co-enzymes NAD+ and NADP+.  Unless you’re a biochemistry major that probably doesn’t mean much to you.  Suffice to say borates prevent the growth of algae and in so doing reduce the amount of chlorine and algaecides that would normally be required. 

Summary of all the benefits are:

  • Borate only needs to be added to the pool water once in the Spring
  • Great pH buffering agent
  • Less algae growth
  • Water feels like silk
  • Save on electricity – run your pump filter less

We strongly believe in the benefits of using Borates in pools.  

Happy Swimming!