Fusion Chlorine Tablet Feeder Plus Nature2 System Zodiac

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Nature 2 Fusion Inground is a robust and convenient chlorine and mineral sanitizing system. This easy-to-use solution automatically dispenses Nature 2 minerals and chlorine for a sparkling clean balanced pool. Just add slow dissolving stabilized chlorine tabs to one side as needed and change the mineral cartridge at the beginning of every pool season. The silver and copper from the Nature 2 cartridge kill bacteria and algae which allows you to keep your chlorine levels at around .5-1ppm (normally 3ppm is recommended). [more information about this product]


  • Easy to install and compatible with most swimming pool filtration systems
  • Mineral sanitizer and chlorine dispenser in one
  • Destroys bacteria and controls algae
  • Cleaner, clearer, softer water and maximizes your chlorine investment
  • Control chlorine output with easy-to-read adjustment handle