Close Pools / Winterization with ProTeam Winter Mix

$450.00$545.00* +tax

In-Ground Pools: $490 + tax

Above Ground Pools: $450 + tax

Pool and Spa: $545 + tax

Note: A “normal” amount of dirt/leaves is determined by service technician, if they determine a pool to contain more debris than should be included with a normal closing an additional charge of $85/hour will be charged to remove said debris. Please notify store personnel at time of scheduling if your pool has a salt-water chlorine generator so it can be properly cleaned. Also notify us at time of scheduling if there are any special instructions (i.e. put filtration system in pool shed or basement, gate alarm codes etc.)

Refunds and/or Cancellations
You can cancel your maintenance or service agreement or any other service that has not been started yet at any time by calling us during normal business hours and we will refund any prepaid service and this includes consultations that have not been started.

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ProTeam Winter Mix Closing:

This new closing service uses a different combination of products compared to a traditional closing which is typically done using shock and algaecides.  The ProTeam Winter Mix Closing uses the following products with these added benefits.

Winter Blue 22 Benefits:

  • For up to 22000 gallons of pool water
  • Borates Main Ingredient:
    • Lasts all winter
    • Prevents algae
    • Keep pH and Alkalinity buffered
    • Has scale inhibiting properties
    • Gives a homeowner the best chance to open up to a much cleaner pool

Natures Care Open & Close – Benefits:

  • 32 oz treats 20000 gallons
  • Broad spectrum enzyme lasts all winter
  • Helps prevent winter water line ring
  • Easier spring clean up
  • Breaks down non living organics

Closing Process:

  • For cartridge filter owners, removal and thorough cleaning of cartridge
  • For sand and DE filter owners, thorough backwashing of filter
  • Add appropriate amount of ProTeam Winter Mix
  • For aboveground pool owners:
    • Disconnect and drain filtration system
    • Plug all return lines
    • Install skimmer cover where applicable
  • For in-ground pool owners:
    • Using high powered blower
    • Blow out all water from underground pipe lines and pool equipment
    • Add non-toxic antifreeze to prevent damage
    • Plug all return lines and add skimmer gizmo
  • Install winter cover
  • Pick up all of our debris and leave a clean job site

Additional information

Pool Type

In-Ground, Above Ground, Pool and Spa

The following video is an example of a normal swimming pool closing for an in-ground pool.  When we are closing swimming pools we follow a well-defined process to ensure your pool will be well prepared to withstand average winters.  Normally when we close swimming pools for the season we will remove the “normal” amount of dirt and leaves from pool. If the swimming pool includes cartridge filters, we will remove and thoroughly clean the cartridge and for sand and DE filter owners, we’ll do a thorough backwashing of the filter. We always add the appropriate amount of liquid shock and winter algaecide.  

For aboveground pool owners we will disconnect and drain your filtration system, plug all the return lines and install the skimmer cover where applicable.  

For in-ground pool owners, we’ll be using a high powered blower seen demonstrated in the video in order to blow out all the water from underground pipe lines and pool equipment.  This is a critically important step to prevent cracked pipes and damage when the temperature goes below freezing.  We add non-toxic antifreeze to prevent damage, plug all the return lines and add the skimmer gizmo to plug up the skimmer hole.  And if you think the ‘big’ box stores are cheaper than us for antifreeze, not so! Our -60 degree antifreeze is only $6.95 per gallon and it’s made in Connecticut. Our prices are always fair.

Last, we will install your winter cover, pick up all of our debris and leave a clean job site.  Call us now to schedule your pool closing.