Hydro HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training in Deep Water

Hydro HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) also known as metabolic conditioning and Hydro HIIT in water is the practice of intense bursts of work separated with short rest periods and has been used in recent years to improve fitness in shorter periods of time. The idea is to work at 85-90% of your maximum HR for short periods of time (30-60 seconds) and then rest until your HR comes down to 70% of your max HR and repeat the interval for 30-45 minutes. See this recent article on metabolic conditioning – https://www.prevention.com/fitness/fitness-tips/a27208335/metabolic-conditioning/

Hydro or Aquatic HIIT is the same type of high intensity training or metabolic workout but with short resting intervals performed in deep water. Aquatic HIIT provides the same benefits as land-based HIIT with less stress on the joints. It should be done in the deep end of the pool or any body of water where you would be submerged to your chin and not being able to touch the ground. If you are not buoyant then a flotation belt is recommended to perform these exercises.

While anyone, regardless of their ability to do HIIT on land, would benefit from mixing up their land HIIT with hydro HIIT, the benefit for doing this in water if you have an injury and cannot do on land is enormous. The support and buoyancy that water provides allows people with conditions such as chronic pain, injury or obesity to participate in highly intensity interval training. Studies show that Aquatic HIIT (AHIIT) can provide comparable if not greater physiological responses over land based constant intensity or continuous aquatic exercise regimens.
Some typical Hydro HIIT exercises performed in the deep end include:

• Water Run
• Water Walk
• High Knees
• Cross Country
• Flutter Kick

Aquatic Yoga and Pilates

Aquatic yoga and Pilates are a fun way to enjoy these exercises on a floating platform which provides additional benefits and balance challenges over land-based yoga or Pilates. A stable and rigid floating platform is used for aquatic Pilates which provides many benefits for core strength and stability. Using water fitness equipment such as an aquatic fitness board triggers core stabilizing muscles and activates your autonomic nervous system to provide stronger core stability. Plus, you can cool off in the pool!

There are many yoga and Pilates exercises you can do on an aquatic board such as:

• Standing up on the board and doing squats (just be sure to leave plenty of room around you in case you lose your balance).
• Lay down on your back and raise your legs one at a time, maintaining balance while engaging your core muscles.
• Lay on your stomach and push yourself up on your elbows to hold a plank position while maintaining balance.
• Do a flow series of downward dog, high to low plank, and upward dog; then repeat
• Stand up on the board and switch between warrior one and two

These are just a few exercises you can enjoy with an aquatic board. Water yoga and Pilates is becoming quite popular in many areas so you should be able to find a class near you and dive right in to learn more beneficial exercises.

You can use other equipment such as noodles and aquatic dumbbells for a well-rounded water exercise routine plus don’t hesitate to use a flotation belt in the deep end for Hydro HIIT if needed. Aquatic yoga and Pilates is proven to help patients with osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis and many other health conditions by alleviating symptoms and building a stronger, healthier body to assist in every day activities.

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