Replacing your swimming pool liner is one of the best ways to renovate your pool, although many pool owners want to know the most important signs that they are ready for a pool liner replacement.

Signs that it’s Time for a Pool Liner Replacement

There are several signs that pool owners should be aware of when it is time to replace their swimming pool liner. It is best to consider a pool liner replacement before a liner that is failing causes more serious damage. Some of the most important signs to recognize when your pool is ready for a new liner include:

  • Fading – if your liner is faded so badly you can no longer make out the patterns or colors, it may be a good time to replace it.
  • Staining – liners that are stained from algae buildup or rust stains that are hard to remove are good candidates for replacement.
  • Liner is pulled out of the track – pool liners that pop out of the track may be hard to put back in and stay in due to loss of elasticity. Pool liners that were improperly sized can have a tendency to pull away from the walls as precise measurements are required to provide a tight fit. While it is common for many newly-installed liners to slip out of track during the first few months after being installed, older liners that persistently slip out are most often in need of replacement. Vinyl liners offer some forgiveness but they can only stretch so far. If your liner is pulling away from the wall when it is full of water, this may be a sign that it was measured too small for the pool shell or that it has become too brittle to stay in place.
  • The liner has become brittle – exposure to sun and chemicals may cause a vinyl liner to lose all moisturizers from the vinyl and become brittle. You may notice some dry rot on your liner in the corners above the water level, although liners can also become brittle and split or crack due to chemical exposure under the water. Make sure to keep your pool chemistry in the proper ranges, particularly chlorine and pH, to prevent premature drying and/or cracking of your liner.
  • Holes or tears in the liner – if you actually have visible holes or tears in your liner, it is definitely time for a pool liner replacement before experiencing further damage.
  • Slipping and stretching – if your liner appears loose around the skimmer and/or return jets, these are signs that the liner has lost elasticity and should be replaced.
  • Leaking – if the pool is actually leaking water and you must continually add water to maintain the water level, there could be a hole or tear in the liner. Some tears can be repaired with a pool patch, although this is a good time to consider a complete pool liner replacement.
  • Outdated – replacing your pool liner is one of the best ways to renovate an outdated pool with a fresh, new look.

These are all signs that it is a good time to consider replacing your swimming pool liner.

Potential Issues and Damage from a Faulty Pool Liner

Waiting too long to replace a damaged swimming pool liner can lead to more serious and expensive damage, such as:

  • Structural issues and wall damage – if an inground pool liner begins to leak, water can accumulate under the pool deck and cause damage to structural components, which could lead to the pool caving in. A leaking liner in an above-ground pool could cause the pool to collapse completely.
  • Soil erosion – constant leaking water will eventually erode the soil, which is dangerous for any type of pool as a pool requires solid, structural integrity. Any soil erosion can cause damage to the yard, which must be repaired before using the pool again.
  • Water and chemical loss – losing water and chemicals can get costly, and you also run the risk of contaminating the environment with direct chemical loss into the soil.

Do not wait until a faulty liner causes structural issues or costly damage.

Pool Liner Replacement from The Swimming Pool Store

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In-Ground Pool Liner Installation

Above-Ground Pool Liner Installation

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