A robot pool vacuum will be one of the best investments you make for your pool.  The time you save by not manually cleaning your pool all the time will enhance your life, and you will enjoy a cleaner swimming pool than ever before. A robot vacuum keeps your pool cleaner with less effort and allows much more time to enjoy your pool instead of cleaning it. The Swimming Pool Store offers some of the best robotic pool cleaners on the market that are easy to use and keep your pool sparkling clean to maximize your summer fun time.

Robot Pool Vacuum Cleaners Maximize Pool Fun Time

Robot pool vacuum cleaners change the way you clean your pool and take pool maintenance and enjoyment to a whole new level. Think about how many times you plan on swimming or having guests over, and you need to plan extra time to lug out your vacuum hose and sweep your pool before you or your guests can enjoy it.

Instead of manually sweeping your pool, you can simply drop your robot pool vacuum in the water, go back to your daily activities, and come back to a clean pool. When you are ready to swim, your entire pool is clean with no leaves or dirt streaks on the bottom, sides, or the waterline. Nothing beats the performance of an automatic pool vacuum robot, and once you experience the convenience, you will only wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

The best robotic pool cleaners clean the entirety of your pool and most models climb the walls and scrub the waterline, some models come with options for programming or controlling via a smartphone or connected device. They can pick up leaves from the bottom and scrub algae and dirt stains off the sides, working hard while you lay in the sun or stay busy doing something else like preparing for your party. Robot pool vacuums are so easy to use and save so much cleaning time they add a lot more fun into owning a pool.

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Benefits of Robotic Pool Vacuums

Robotic pool vacuums are amazing devices that provide a host of benefits to pool owners, which include:

  • Easy to use – robotic pool vacuums are so easy to use, you just plug it in, drop it in the pool, and walk away. These handy pool-cleaning robots scan your entire pool area and get right to work. When finished, simply pull it up by the cord, dump out the debris in the filter basket, and spray it clean.
  • Run independent of your pool filter – a pool vacuum robot has its own filter basket and does not run through your pump’s filtration system. This is a huge benefit that saves a lot of dirt, leaves, and debris from going through your pump’s sand filter if that’s the type you have, and prolongs the life of your sand and your filter. No more clogging the skimmer or having to flush and backwash the filter after sweeping.
  • Energy efficient – robot pool vacuums are extremely energy efficient and will not impact your home’s energy usage; they cost only pennies to operate for a full three-hour cycle.
  • Cleans walls and water lines – most automatic pool cleaning robots will climb the walls and scrub the water line before dipping under the surface to clean another section.
  • Can be programmed and operated remotely – robot pool cleaners can be programmed to run on particular schedules, daily, or in advance.

Get the Dolplhin Robot Pool Vacuum

Robot Pool Vacuums from The Swimming Pool Store

You can get the best robotic pool cleaners at The Swimming Pool Store in Burlington, CT., like the Dolphin pool vacuum by Maytronics, available in different models with convenient features. The Dolphin pool robots are known for long-lasting, high-performance, and ease of use, with special brushes that scrub the waterline, walls, and floors.

The Swimming Pool Store has been providing high-quality pool products and services for more than 50 years. We can help you choose the best type of pool cleaner for your pool and offer maintenance programs so you can practically eliminate cleaning your pool manually yourself. Contact us with any questions and to start making your life easier with a robot pool vacuum.