In addition to renovating in-ground vinyl liner pools, we also renovate in-ground gunite/concrete pools. Our qualified personnel will help you plan the renovation while working to stay within your budget. To get you started in the renovation or building planning process, here are some considerations to think about:

  • Establish a budget to work from. Pool renovation costs can quickly add up with the many different options available. If you have a specific dollar amount that you don’t want to exceed you’ll prevent the cost from becoming more than you can handle.
  • Research, Research and more Research. When it comes to pool renovations, don’t go into the process completely unaware of the many different options available for your pool. It’s much easier for us to work with homeowners who know what they want and why they want it. Don’t leave your pool renovation planning in someone else’s hands because you may not be happy with what you end up with.
  • Be sure to factor in ALL the costs associated with renovating an in-ground pool. The money you will have to spend on a pool renovation does not begin and end with what you pay your pool renovator. There are several other items to plan for including such as a new fence, new decking to go around the pool, hiring an electrician, paying for water to be delivered to fill the pool if a new liner is required, landscaping costs after the pool is renovated, etc.
  • Consider adding a heater to extend your swimming season. Of the many options one can add when renovating a pool, the heater is probably the most important to consider in our neck of the woods. Whether you install an energy efficient heat pump, solar panels, or a traditional gas heater, the length of your swimming season can easily be extended by a full month (open two weeks earlier in the spring and stay open two weeks later in the fall). As with any type of heater, using a solar blanket is extremely important preventing heat loss from the pool when it gets cooler at night.
  • Talk to friends/neighbors who have gone through the process. Sometimes the most honest feedback you will receive about renovating a pool will come from someone you know who already has one. Use them as a resource of information to help you avoid some of the pitfalls that they had to go through.

Call us today to discuss your requirements for renovating your existing pool and restoring it to its original beauty.