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If you are searching online for Swimming Pool Stores near me, look no further! The Swimming Pool Store, conveniently located in Burlington, CT, is one of the largest swimming pool stores in the entire state, and we have been providing quality pool products and services since 1969. We are here to help you maintain and enjoy your pool to the fullest, with our full-service store open during the season, and unlike other pool stores, we are always available even during the off-season with just a phone call, email, or friendly online chat.

We carry a massive inventory of all things pool related in our large, recently renovated retail swimming pool store.

Pool Products and Supplies

Swimming Pool Stores Near Me

We offer quality pool supplies and products for every aspect of maintaining and enjoying your pool and offer professional pool services from knowledgeable pool technicians. Our staff has many years of combined experience dealing with some extremely difficult pool and pool water problems. We are often called upon by other swimming pool stores for our assistance with challenging swimming pool problems.

Swimming Pool Renovations

The Swimming Pool Store offers experienced and professional swimming pool renovations. If you are wanting to renovate or restore your existing pool, give us a call or stop by the store and talk with our pool specialists about your options. We have been installing liners for more than 50 years, and replacing your vinyl pool liner is one of the best ways to renovate your pool. We are familiar with the latest advances in swimming pool products, such as efficient pool heating technology, saltwater swimming pools, pool safety covers, and more.

The Swimming Pool Store Products

The Swimming Pool Store offers quality pool products to keep your water clean and healthy and get the most enjoyment all season long. We can recommend the best products for your pool, including pool chemicals, accessories, equipment, safety covers, and more.

  • Pool Chemicals – We offer a full line of pool and spa chemicals and free water testing to make sure you get the perfect chemical solution for clean and healthy water. We stock quality chlorine, shock, algaecide, sanitizer, clarifiers, balancing chemicals, bromine, salt water pool solutions, and more.
  • Pool Maintenance Products – Make sure you have vacuum poles and hoses, nets and brushes, water test kits, and thermometers.
  • Pool Equipment – We carry quality equipment from the top swimming pool brands, including all types of swimming pool heaters, filters, salt generators, robotic vacuum cleaners, and more.
  • Pool Parts – You can find all the pool parts necessary, like O-rings, PVC fittings, parts for your pump, filter, or heater, face plates and gaskets, skimmer baskets, and more. Our knowledge pool technicians can always help you find what you need.
  • Pool Accessories – We can help maintain or upgrade your pool with new ladders, slides, lights, alarms, thermometers, etc. If you need something that you do not see in the store, just ask for assistance.
  • Pool Floats and Toys – What good would all of the equipment and maintenance do if we didn’t enjoy our pool to the fullest? Find the best pool floats, toys, goggles, and games for the whole family at The Swimming Pool Store.

The Swimming Pool Store carries all of these pool products and more for your above-ground or inground swimming pool or spa.

The Swimming Pool Store Services

Our swimming pool technicians are some of the most experienced and qualified in the industry, often giving advice to other pool companies that require assistance with a challenging pool problem. We provide comprehensive, full service for your pool or spa with a long list of professional pool services.

These are just some of the swimming pool services that we offer. Your total satisfaction and enjoyment of your swimming pool are always our main goals. Please contact us with any questions, and for the best pool products, services, and support, look no further than The Swimming Pool Store.

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