Pool Opening Service

$400.00$495.00* +tax

Above Ground Pools: $400 plus tax – In-Ground Pools: $440 plus tax – In-Ground Pool and Spa: $495 plus tax


Refunds and/or Cancellations
You can cancel your maintenance or service agreement or any other service that has not been started yet at any time by calling us during normal business hours and we will refund any prepaid service and this includes consultations that have not been started.

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When we come to open pools, please check water level and fill pool to at least half way up on the skimmer prior to our arrival, we will not be able to start system or vacuum pool if water level is too low.  For some openings the water clarity is so poor we perform a “blind vac”, some debris may be left behind in these cases.  With most pool openings some debris will settle out after we brush and vacuum pool, the opening cost does not include our returning to remove every spec of dirt.  Please notify us at time of scheduling for any special instructions (i.e. pool equipment kept in basement, put cover in pool shed after removal from pool, gate alarm codes etc.)

Pool Opening

  • Removal of winter cover (cover folded up and stored away for summer)
  • Removal of all winter plugs and skimmer gizmo
  • Installation of all handrails, ladders, directionals, skimmer and pump baskets
  • Reconnect all plumbing to filter, pump, heater and chemical feeder
  • Start pump to insure that all equipment is running properly
  • Add appropriate amount of liquid shock
  • If requested, take a sample of water back to store for full analysis
  • If requested, fill up chemical feeders with pool owner’s chlorine tablets
  • Pick up all of our debris and leave a clean job site (leaves netted out of pool are placed in nearby wooded areas)



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In-Ground, Above Ground, In-Ground Pool and Spa