pool liner above groundA new pool liner above ground pool installation will make your pool look brand new again and update the look of your backyard retreat. A new pool liner is one of the least expensive ways to renovate your pool, and when properly installed with a liner made of quality materials, can last for many years.

Pool Liner Above Ground Replacement

A pool liner for above ground pools in Connecticut can last anywhere from a few years to 15 to 20 years, depending on the quality of pool liner material and proper installation. A pool liner made of poor quality can fail in just a few years. Poor quality liners manufactured outside of North America may not be up to par with North American quality and safety standards. The Swimming Pool Store uses only quality pool liners from reputable brands that meet all standards to provide many years of performance and enjoyment.

A professional pool liner installation with quality materials is the best way to get the most life out of your pool liner. An above ground pool liner is designed to form a water seal and is not a structural part of the pool. The pool wall and the frame hold the water pressure, not the liner, which must be correctly installed to support the weight of the water.

Quality Pool Liner Above Ground Installation

The Swimming Pool Store has been providing quality pool services for more than 50 years and offers extensive knowledge to correctly install inground and aboveground pool liners. The cost can vary for a pool liner above-ground installation depending on the type of liner and the size of the pool. We can explain your options, such as upgrading to a thicker liner or installing Armor Shield on the bottom of the pool, under the liner, to prevent any protrusions or rocks from showing through.

Our experienced pool technicians perform your complete above-ground pool liner replacement from start to finish, including pumping out your existing water and removing and disposing of the old liner. We take careful, accurate measurements of all pool dimensions to ensure a proper fit that will last.

We smooth out and repair any minor imperfections of the sand bottom and install the new liner with high-powered, special vacuums designed for pool liner installations. All gaskets, skimmers, and faceplates are properly installed, and your pool area is left clean with a brand-new, beautiful pool liner.

In-Ground Pool Liner Installation

Above-Ground Pool Liner Installation

We no longer install vinyl liners for above-ground pools, but we are happy to recommend Connecticut Pool and Repair.  They specialize in above ground pool installation and repair including new liners.  Give them a call for your above ground pool repairs.  Please call us or stop by the store for anything else you need for your pools, including heaters, pumps, filters, opening and closing, etc.  

The Swimming Pool Store has been providing high-quality swimming pool services and products in Connecticut since 1969. We are your one source for pool products and services, including pool liner installations, pool openings, maintenance, and more. Contact us with any questions and to get on the schedule for professional pool services.