A new swimming pool liner is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to renovate your pool. A vinyl pool liner enhances the beauty of your pool with a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing colors and patterns to accentuate your style. If it’s time to revamp your swimming pool, make it dive-in-ready with a new pool liner from The Swimming Pool Store in Connecticut.

Are You Ready for a New Pool Liner?

Replacing your swimming pool liner gives new life to an old pool and can change the look and feel of the entire backyard landscape. There are many reasons why you might be considering a new liner for your pool, whether wanting to renovate and upgrade the look of an existing pool or replace a faulty liner. Pool liners will eventually need to be replaced whether they are just starting to fade, showing signs of wrinkles, or have experienced damage.

If your liner is showing signs of wear or damage, it is better to replace it before it fails and causes more serious, expensive damage. A pool liner that has a puncture or tear can lead to other costly problems, such as water and chemical loss, soil erosion, and structural issues. Pools that are allowed to leak can eventually cave in or, in the case of above-ground pools, completely collapse. A pool that continues to leak into the foundation underneath can even cause dangerous sinkholes.

Old liners that do not have any tears but are pulling away from the walls can let water splash behind the liner, which can cause the same types of damage. If your liner is leaking or damaged in any way, you should replace it before any more serious issues arise. Allowing any of these problems to go unresolved could result in damage that could end up costing a lot to repair and can create safety risks for your family.

Quality Pool Liners


Whether installing a liner in a new swimming pool or replacing your existing pool liner, be sure to go with a quality liner from a reputable swimming pool professional. Thicker pool liners may provide a longer life span and are less likely to puncture. A good pool liner protects your pool walls and floor to prevent mold, mildew, and other damage that can occur over years of exposure to UV rays and other weather elements

The Swimming Pool Store offers quality vinyl liners and installation for above-ground and inground pools.

In-Ground Pool Liner Installation

Above-Ground Pool Liner Installation

Replacing your pool liner can completely update the look of your pool, but it is not something you want to have to do every few years. The life expectancy of a pool liner varies greatly and depends mainly on the quality of the liner chosen as long as it was properly installed. A typical vinyl pool liner in Connecticut can last approximately 8 to 20 years or longer with quality material and professional installation, although a liner can fail in a year or two with substandard material and improper installation.

Pool Liner Installation

Replacing the liner in your swimming pool is an excellent way to make your pool look brand new and is an investment that is best left to the professionals. If not measured and installed perfectly, you can experience problems quickly. It is also fairly easy to accidentally put a tear in a new vinyl liner unless you have some experience in knowing the best way to handle a vinyl pool liner.

An experienced, professional pool liner installation will provide the most value from your new liner for years of enjoyment. The Swimming Pool Store offers more than 50 years of experience in pool liner installation, including custom-fit pool liners to ensure a snug, long-lasting liner.

We make sure your new vinyl liner fits like a glove for all types of pools, whether a rectangle, round, oval, or a custom free-form size pool with a complex shape. Our experienced pool technicians drain your pool, remove the current liner, and properly dispose of it. We take precise measurements, repair minor imperfections to the bottom of the pool, use high-powered liner vacs, clean up and remove all waste when finished.

Watch this swimming pool transformation with our pool technicians installing an inground pool liner.



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The Swimming Pool Store offers quality swimming pool liners and professional, experienced installation, ensuring a proper fit. We are experienced in installing new liners for inground, above-ground, and custom pools. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about upgrading your pool with a quality pool liner.