Replacing your inground pool liner is an exciting pool renovation that makes your pool look brand new again and updates the entire backyard landscape. If you are preparing for your inground pool liner replacement, you know how important it is to work with a swimming pool professional to ensure accurate measurements are taken for a quality pool liner installation.

inground pool liner replacementThe Importance of Accurate Measurements

Swimming pool professionals know exactly how to measure your pool and use various types of equipment, such as rigid and flexible measuring tapes and a pool pole. Inground vinyl liner pools have geometric floor shapes with square measurements, although many pools are installed slightly askew. Professional pool technicians know how to avoid the most common pitfalls when measuring, particularly when measuring down the slope and from the depth of the flat floor. Taking accurate measurements is the key to installing a pool liner that fits like a glove.

Preparing for Your Vinyl Pool Liner Installation

Contact us if you have any questions about the best way to prepare for your inground pool liner replacement. Some things to consider include the weather and the best way to drain your pool.

The weather on the day of the installation

A sunny day with temperatures at least 60°F or above makes for an easier pool liner installation. You want to avoid rainy or overcast days as well as days with high temperatures in the 90s or above, as that can cause the liner to stretch and expand, making it more difficult to obtain a wrinkle-free liner installation.

Draining the pool

Coordinate the timing to drain your pool with the pool liner installation as you do not want to drain it too early. Leaving a swimming pool empty for too long could cause damage to the pool walls and floor. Most inground pools have a main drain that can drain most of the water; just be sure to drain to waste and run a long hose away from your pool and be careful not to cause flooding in your neighbor’s basement.

Discharging the water away from the pool prevents water from seeping back into the pool or putting pressure on the walls. A submersible pump can be used to drain water slowly and to finish removing any water that is left. When you drain your pool, the water should be balanced and low in algaecides and sanitizer to protect the watershed. It is fine if the water is a bit green and has some algae.

If you have already scheduled your inground pool liner replacement, you can discuss the best way to drain your pool and coordinate the installation with your pool professional on a day with a good weather forecast.

Your pool professional will take care of the rest of the installation, which includes inspecting and prepping the walls and all surfaces where faceplates attach, such as the returns, skimmer, pool light, and steps. They’ll also inspect the liner track, clean it out and repair any areas that are broken or cracked.

Easier Preparation with Professional Pool Liner Installation

The Swimming Pool Store offers full-service pool liner replacements for inground pools.

Inground Pool Liner Replacement

inground pool liner replacementWe perform all necessary steps including:

  • Pumping out existing pool water
  • Removing and disposing of existing liner
  • Measuring the pool for a proper fit
  • Repairing minor imperfections on the sand bottom
  • Installing the new liner with high-powered liner vacuums for a snug fit
  • Installing new gaskets and face plates
  • Hooking up all hoses to the filter and pump
  • Cleaning up of all materials, trash, and tools

Replacing your inground pool liner is one of the best things you can do to get more enjoyment from your swimming pool.

Dive deeper into our comprehensive Guide on Pool Liners for expert advice, tips, and solutions tailored to your swimming pool needs.

The Swimming Pool Store offers swimming pool services, including vinyl pool liner replacements with quality liners and exceptional service. We perform all necessary steps to ensure a professional pool liner installation that will last. Contact us with any questions and to get on the schedule for your inground pool liner replacement.