latham pool linersInstalling a new pool liner is a big decision and an investment that will add value to your pool and should last as long as possible. Vinyl pool liners are a very important part of every swimming pool that enhances the pool’s appearance and should provide homeowners with years of service. 

It is important to choose a pool liner manufactured to meet North American quality and safety standards. Poor-quality pool liners can fail quickly and leave homeowners needing a pool liner replacement much quicker than they should. So, how do pool owners know which pool liner is the best for their swimming pool?  

We have compiled some of the best brands in vinyl pool liners to give pool owners the greatest value with quality materials and a wide selection of beautiful colors and patterns. 

Latham Pool Liners

Latham pool liners are known for high quality and beauty. Latham features innovative Ultra-Seam® technology for strong and virtually invisible floor seams, a standard on every Latham pool liner. Go ahead and get creative with many styles, colors, and patterns to express yourself. Latham pool liners do much more than just hold water, and they complete your swimming pool’s appearance with quality pool liners designed to last.

Merlin Pool Liners

Merlin pool liners are recognized as a leading brand in North America with premium vinyl material manufactured to meet the highest quality standards.  Merlin industries have been known for delivering high standards of quality, performance, fit, and function with all their pool products, including vinyl liners and safety covers for more than 30 years. Merlin excels with customer service, communication, and delivery, offering a diverse collection of styles, patterns, and colors of pool liners to fit any backyard retreat.

GLI Pool Liners

GLI pool liners help you kick off summer with a beautiful new pool liner to serve as the cornerstone of your backyard transformation. GLI Pool Products offers a wide selection of pool liners in various colors and patterns, and thickness options. Enjoy an endless selection of beautiful new pool liners to renovate and update your swimming pool. 

LOOP-LOC Pool Liners

LOOP-LOC is a name known and trusted for high-quality pool products, including legendary vinyl pool liners that provide fit, function, and beauty. LOOP-LOC pool liners and a stunning array of exclusive patterns to enhance the beauty of your existing swimming pool or provide the perfect, final creative touch on a new pool installation.

The Swimming Pool Store in Connecticut offers quality swimming pool liners from these top brands to make sure that you get a quality pool liner that will last. We perform every aspect of pool liner installation or replacement with high-quality vinyl liner materials that deliver the greatest benefits.

Dive deeper into our comprehensive Guide on Pool Liners for expert advice, tips, and solutions tailored to your swimming pool needs.

Benefits of Quality Pool Liners

Vinyl pool liners are the most popular choice for residential swimming pools and provide many benefits to homeowners, such as:

  • Endless options with many styles, designs, and colors
  • Less upfront costs than fiberglass or concrete pool liners
  • Quality, thicker vinyl liners provide improved UV protection
  • Smooth surface protects swimmers from scrapes or cuts
  • Few maintenance requirements
  • Quality vinyl liners often come with a limited warranty

The Swimming Pool Store offers high-quality vinyl swimming pool liners that deliver these benefits and more. We provide professional pool liner installations from start to finish.

The Swimming Pool Store in Connecticut has been providing high-quality swimming pool products and services since 1969. We take great care to ensure that your new swimming pool liner is installed correctly with careful measurements and vast experience with installing pool liners. Contact us for more information on choosing the best pool liner for your swimming pool, and get on the schedule today for quality pool liner installation.