Pool liner inground installation serves the most important purpose of holding tens of thousands of gallons of water with beauty and elegance. Inground pool liners serve as a vessel for functional purposes with designs and patterns that influence the look of your entire pool.

Pool Liner Inground Replacement

Inground pool liners in Connecticut typically last anywhere from around 8 to 20 years with quality material liners and professional installation.

Many variables affect the longevity of vinyl pool liners, such as pool usage, sun exposure, water chemistry, pool liner thickness, quality, and proper installation. Maintaining proper water chemistry and keeping your pool clean can help to extend the life of an inground pool liner.

If you think it might be time to replace your inground pool liner, consider the most common signs that it is time for pool liner replacement, such as fading, staining, stretching, brittleness, tears, holes, water leaks, and other signs of damage.

Inground Pool Liner Options and Benefits

Installing a new pool liner gives you the opportunity to express your creativity with unique colors and patterns that can become the focal point of your backyard pool retreat. Options and benefits include:salt water swimming pool

  • Endless design possibilities – replacing your inground vinyl pool liner gives you the chance to customize and upgrade your pool with endless possibilities of unique designs, shapes, and patterns like quartz, tile, sand, stone, granite, and more, in a range of beautiful colors. Changing the shade of your water color from aqua to light, medium, or deep blue changes the look and feel of your entire pool.
  • Economical pool renovation – Upgrading your pool liner now gets you ahead of the curve if you think you might be nearing the end of your pool liner life or you want to renovate your pool in the most economical way.

Not all vinyl pool liners are created equal, and it is important to buy from a reputable source for quality vinyl material that will last. The Swimming Pool Store offers pool liner inground installation with only quality materials from the leading pool liner suppliers for advanced strength and protection. We source only quality materials from suppliers in North America that must adhere to quality and safety standards. The thickness of vinyl pool liners is measured in mils, i.e. thousands of an inch, and commonly ranges from 20 mil to 30 mil for thicker liners.

Pool Liner Inground Installation

The Swimming Pool Store offers custom pool liner inground installation from basic rectangle and oval shapes to lagoon, kidney, or countless other pool layouts. We have been installing inground pool liners for more than 50 years and provide complete services from beginning to end. We pump out the pool water, remove the existing pool liner and properly dispose of it. Our swimming pool technicians take precise measurements to ensure a snug, wrinkle-free fit that will last. We perform all necessary pool liner installation tasks professionally, including the installation of all gaskets and faceplates on all skimmers, returns, and main drains. We perform all cleanup and trash removal, leaving a beautiful inground pool with a brand-new liner of your choice to gaze at and admire for many years to come.

In-Ground Pool Liner Installation

Above-Ground Pool Liner Installation

Dive deeper into our comprehensive Guide on Pool Liners for expert advice, tips, and solutions tailored to your swimming pool needs.

The Swimming Pool Store offers only quality pool liner materials from the most well-known pool liner suppliers for quality materials that will last. We provide professional pool liner installation for both inground and aboveground pools. Contact us to get on the schedule and upgrade your pool with a brand-new pool liner inground installation.