Pool Safety Covers

Pool safety should be the primary concern when deciding to put in a pool and pool safety covers are a great way to protect your children and animals from falling in the pool water. Visit the following government website on pool safety for tips and ideas on securing your pool:


A pool safety cover is a manual or motorized barrier that can be placed over the water’s surface, and is easily opened or closed. This video demonstrates how a grown man can ‘walk on water’ safely with this motorized pool safety cover from The Swimming Pool Store. These types of covers are a great way to keep children and pets out of the pool. Pool safety covers when used properly provide a high level of safety for children less than 5 years of age by inhibiting their access to the water as long as there is no other access to the water such as with ladders and slides.

  • Pool safety covers should conform to the specifications in ASTM F 1346-91. This standard specifies safety performance requirements for pool covers to address labeling requirements and performance.
  • A cover should withstand the weight of two adults and a child to allow a rescue if an individual falls onto the cover.
  • A pool cover should also be able to be easily and swiftly removed from the water to respond to emergencies.