pool safety covers

The Swimming Pool Store in Connecticut believes that pool safety is the most important aspect of owning a pool, which is why we offer quality pool safety covers and installation for all our customers.

Throughout our more than 50 years of providing professional pool services and quality products for a clean and beautiful pool, one theme remains constant; preventing drowning accidents during the season and off-season is the most critical consideration for all swimming pool owners.

Inground Pool Safety Covers

Inground swimming pool safety covers are the best way to ensure a safe environment for any child or pet that is near your pool when closed for the winter. The Swimming Pool Store is proud to offer one of the best inground pool covers available, LOOP-LOC mesh pool safety covers, known for the strength to support an elephant and the elegance to match your décor. We can help you choose the best inground swimming pool cover that meets your custom pool configurations, have it ordered and ready to install before we close your pool for the season.

When inground swimming pool safety covers are properly installed, they keep children safe by preventing drowning accidents and protect pets that may be around your pool. All pool safety covers must meet safety standards set by the foremost materials testing organization, ASTM International.

Pool Safety Cover Regulations

The best way to protect your pool during the off-season is with an inground swimming pool safety cover designed to meet all safety standards set forth in ASTM F1346-91. Manufacturers of pool safety covers must make sure that their products meet four main requirements to be compliant with ASTM F1346-91:

  • Weight – the pool cover must hold a weight of at least 485 lbs. This is considered to be the combined weight of one child and two average adults to make sure that a child or adult could be rescued from the cover.
  • Perimeter – manufacturers must make sure that the cover passes a Perimeter Deflection Test, ensuring that no objects can pass through the perimeter and that the cover is strong enough to deflect any efforts to pass objects through the perimeter.
  • Surface – inground pool covers must pass a Surface Drainage Test, to make sure that water does not pool on the surface with a semi-permeable material designed to allow water to flow through or run off the surface of the cover.
  • Labeling – all pool safety covers must have the proper labeling to inform consumers of ASTM standard warnings and manufacturer warranties.

The Swimming Pool Store makes sure that your pool safety cover meets all ASTM requirements by offering only quality inground pool covers by the best manufacturers. All ASTM inground pool safety covers must undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with all requirements, giving confidence that your loved ones are protected from swimming pool injuries.

Swimming Pool Safety All Year Long

Installing an ASTM compliant swimming pool safety cover along with other pool safety measures will protect your family, friends, and pets all year long. It is critical to make sure your pool environment is safe during the swimming season by installing proper barriers, covers, and alarms on your pool or spa. The most appealing swimming pool water, beautiful accessories and inviting landscape is meaningless if your pool is not a safe environment for family, friends, and pets.

You can learn more about pool safety from PoolSafely.gov, with tips to make sure your pool is safe all year long. Nothing replaces adult supervision of children around water and children should never be left unattended in or near water.

Install the proper covers, alarms, and barriers on and around your swimming pool or spa. Your pool should only be accessible through a self-closing, self-latching gate. A fence that is at least four feet high should surround your pool or spa on all sides and should not be climbable by children. Always teach children to never climb over a fence or gate, and you should have a working alarm from your home to the pool area.

Fences, alarms, and pool safety covers are life saving devices that protect the lives of your family, friends, neighbors, and pets every day.

The Swimming Pool Store has been providing quality pool products and professional services since 1969. We know that safety is the most important consideration of owning a pool. Contact us with any questions and to learn how to order your ASTM inground swimming pool safety cover.