Most of us probably have our pools covered and winterized by now to prepare for the coming winter.  If you haven’t yet closed your pool, schedule your pool closing online and check out these Last Minute Tips for Winterizing Your Pool.

If your pool is already closed, check out the following off-season swimming pool checklist to help prevent winter damage to your pool cover and equipment.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that could not be truer for winterizing your swimming pool.

Read the following checklist to make sure you have a worry-free winter and a happy spring with a clean and damage free swimming pool:

1) Periodically check and clean your swimming pool winter cover

  • First, ensure that your winter pool cover is securely attached to your pool. Check the water bags around your cover if you use them to make sure they are not leaking or deflated. Make sure that your pool cover is properly attached around the perimeter to avoid a sinking cover that will allow leaves and debris to enter and possibly damage your pool.  Click here for more information on pool safety covers.
  • Remove any debris that may have fallen on your cover as heavy loads of leaves or fallen tree limbs can damage your cover if not removed. Remove leaves with a light broom or a leaf blower, being careful to not tear your pool cover.

2) Consider using a pool cover pump

  • Investing in a pool cover pump allows you to drain water off your pool cover. Use a long garden hose to drain water away from your pool. Preventing ice build-up can protect your pool during the winter as heavy ice can damage and even rip winter pool covers.

3) Check pool equipment and filter system

  • Freezing winter weather can be brutal, wreaking havoc on swimming pool equipment and pipes. Check your filter system to be sure water is not collecting in or near it.

The Swimming Pool Store Offers Pool Closing Services

The Swimming Pool Store offers professional pool closing services to ensure a smooth opening next spring. We can help you make sure your pool is prepared to survive the winter and help you plan any pool renovations for next year such as a pool heater or salt water pool system.

The Swimming Pool Store offers professional and experienced service to ensure that your pool is winterized properly. Our pool closing services protect your pool against freeze damage during the harsh winter months. Contact us with any questions or to discuss your projects for next spring and summer.