Keeping mice and rodents out of pool equipment during the winter months is a common problem for pool owners. When the weather turns cold, mice and other rodents like squirrels, rats and chipmunks love to nest in a warm place like the inside of your pool heater, equipment and pool covers. They can quickly chew holes right through thick pool covers and chew up wiring inside of expensive equipment causing irreparable damage and costly repairs.

Here are a few tips to help keep your equipment safe from rodent damage:

  • Use scents to repel rodents – many natural scents are known to repel mice and rodents such as cinnamon, cayenne pepper, chili powder, citronella, eucalyptus, peppermint oil, mint, and cloves.  Mothballs should only be used in closed containers and not tossed around equipment or in open closets as the fumes are toxic to people and pets. 
  • Stuff steel wool inside open cracks and holes of equipment – this is one thing rodents cannot chew through and if they try it will hurt them. Be thorough as tiny rodents can squeeze through some incredibly tiny spaces.
  • Do not cover pool pump or heater in your garage – if you place a cover over your pool equipment inside your garage it provides a nice warm safe haven for rodents.
  • Trim long weeds and grasses near equipment outdoors – tall grasses are inviting for rodents to make a nest.
  • Store items indoors if possible – keep any equipment and items indoors that pose a risk to rodent damage, if possible.
  • Throw some rubber snakes around near your equipment – rodents hate snakes for obvious reasons. This may not be quite as effective as following other precautions, but it couldn’t hurt and just might deter them from coming any further towards your equipment.

Following these few simple steps could be well worth it when you do not have to replace expensive equipment in the spring. There is nothing worse than pulling out your solar cover for use in the spring and finding it full of holes, or even worse finding that rodents chewed right through wiring for your heater or pump. Learn how to properly close your pool and how to schedule a professional pool closing.

Rodents are resourceful and determined to find shelter from the cold, even with all possible preparation they may still find a way to nest in your pool equipment. Taking these steps ahead of time could help to prevent costly damage and repairs.

While our technicians are always here to help, we would much rather not have to be the bearer of bad news when letting you know the extent of rodent damage. Protect your pool equipment and pool covers from rodent damage this winter and you’ll be a much happier customer in the spring.


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