If you haven’t yet closed your pool, you are probably making plans to get the closing process underway.  While you are thinking about cleaning out the debris, putting away your summer pool toys and accessories, and getting the cover out, don’t forget to balance your water chemistry before closing your pool.  Preparing your water for the harsh winter weather is important to prevent your pool liner or surface from staining, protect pool equipment, and makes for an easier spring opening.

There are some considerations beyond adding chlorine and algaecide that help to prepare your water properly and provide many benefits for a long, cold winter. The following chemicals should be considered when closing your pool:

  •  Chlorine shock – add shock in either liquid or granules at a rate of 1 gallon or 1 pound, respectively per every 5,000 gallons of water. 
  • Algaecide – a poly or copper-based algaecide will prevent algae growth with long-lasting effectiveness and should prevent algae growth until you open your pool next spring. 
  • Stain prevention – If you experience any problems with staining or metal in your water, stain and scale control products help to keep metals such as iron and copper in controllable limits to prevent water discoloration and staining.
  • Phosphate reducer – if you have issues with phosphates in your pool, they can build up during the winter months and prevent the chorine from sanitizing properly, increasing the likelihood of algae growth. A phosphate-reducing product can help to keep the phosphate levels low and allow your sanitizers to work effectively.
  • Enzymatic refresher and winter clarifier – these products are helpful in pools with mesh safety covers and help to prevent algae growth and water cloudiness. 

Balancing your pool’s chemistry prior to closing is the best way to protect your swimming pool equipment and facilitate an easier opening in the spring.  Be sure to follow all manufacturer guidelines when winterizing and storing your equipment.  Inspect your winter pool cover for tears or holes to be sure your pool is secure while covered and check out our special this month on the Classic Winter Pool Cover. 

The Swimming Pool Store offers professional winter pool closings with a current offer of $25.00 off when you balance your chemicals prior to closing. We have nearly 50 years in business, pleasing customers with friendly pool service and a large selection of pool products and accessories.  Contact us to learn more about our monthly specials and for information on balancing your pool chemistry before winterizing your pool.