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When closing and winterizing your pool, it is important to remember to balance your pool water’s chemistry prior to closing and don’t forget the algaecide.  Algaecide is simple and effective, with one quart of winter algaecide typically enough to treat 20,000 gallons of water all winter long.  By simply adding algaecide to your water prior to closing, you can prevent algae growth from occurring during the cold winter months, which makes for an easier opening in the spring. 

You can apply algaecide directly to the pool water and allow the pump to continue to circulate for approximately two to four hours.  Adding winter algaecide to your pool water when closing for the winter provides many benefits to pool owners, which include: 

  • Prevention of algae growth, including black, green or mustard algae
  • Prevents algae growth all winter long
  • Copper pool algaecide lasts longer to work throughout the entire winter
  • Winter algaecide is designed specifically for cold weather algae prevention
  • Adding algaecide to your water does not interfere with other chemicals

Winter algaecide can prevent algae from taking hold in your pool water during the winter months for up to 5 months.  Pools with mesh covers or no covers may require a second application prior to opening in the spring to be sure algae remains completely under control.  

Be sure to inspect your winter pool cover for rips, tears, or holes, as winter covers that are not sealed properly may reduce the effectiveness of closing chemicals.  Check out our special on the Classic Winter Pool Cover to keep your pool water clean throughout the winter, reduce chemical evaporation and prevent algae growth. 

The Classic Winter Pool Cover is extremely lightweight, making it much easier to install and remove as compared to other winter pool covers. Most covers come with a limited 8-year warranty and a full 1-year warranty. 

As we put away our bathing suits, remembering our fun in the sun while we hunker down for another winter, don’t forget to add winter algaecide to protect your pool water during the cold winter months.  As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  This is definitely true when considering adding algaecide to a closed swimming pool for a long, cold winter. 

The Swimming Pool Store offers experienced, professional, and friendly swimming pool services with a wide selection of pool chemicals, equipment, and accessories. We provide pool services and maintenance, including swimming pool closings which ensure your equipment is winterized properly.  Contact us to learn more about the Classic Winter Pool Covers and how algaecide can make your spring opening a breeze.