For pool owners, a Spring pool opening is the most exciting time of the year. The days are longer, the nights are warmer and lazy summer days by the pool are soon ahead. Keep the good vibes flowing by opening your pool properly and with regular swimming pool maintenance.

Opening your pool before the weather gets too warm is important as you can begin to see algae growth when the temperature hits around 40°F. The first pool opening of Spring requires an initial shock treatment and chlorine added according to the directions for the size of your pool. The sooner you can open your pool and treat with the initial opening chemicals the more likely you are to have your pool ready to enjoy as soon as the weather permits.

While maintaining a proper balance of chlorine, pH and alkalinity is critical to providing clean and clear swimming pool water, there are many additional chemicals and minerals that should be tested with a professional water analysis to ensure safe and healthy water. Your home test kit may show that all chemicals are within an acceptable range, yet you may experience cloudy water, or skin and eye irritation. The only way to get accurate readings on other elements such as calcium hardness, iron and copper is with a professional water analysis.

The Swimming Pool Store is Scheduling Pool Opening and Maintenance

Maintaining the proper balance of all required elements can be time-consuming for the busy homeowner. The Swimming Pool Store provides professional pool opening services along with hassle free swimming pool maintenance for safe and healthy swimming.  Our pool opening services include everything from start to finish, as well as the option to take a water sample back to our sophisticated lab to check all elements for proper balance. Our free water test includes checking the following:

• Free and Total Chlorine (Bromine is checked for spas)
• pH and Total Alkalinity
• Calcium Hardness

• Iron and Copper
• Cyanuric Acid
• Phosphate, Manganese and other critical readings
• Salt (for salt water chlorine generator pools)

To really enjoy your swimming pool this season, take advantage of our regular weekly maintenance which includes:

• Regular cleaning and vacuuming of the entire pool including walls
• Emptying pump and skimmer baskets
• Taking a water sample back to the lab for a full chemical analysis
• Adding required chemicals based on water analysis
• Maintaining water level
• Back wash and clean filter elements when necessary
• Check all equipment for proper function

With our regular weekly maintenance, you don’t have to worry about a thing other than finding the most time available to lounge by the pool.

Let The Swimming Pool Store show you how to really enjoy your pool this year with professional pool opening and regular weekly maintenance. Whether you enjoy your own Staycation or leave for a vacation, you don’t have to worry about cleaning and balancing the pool. Contact us today to save on your pool opening and start enjoying your pool with hassle free maintenance.