Some swimming pools use a salt water system for sanitation rather than the traditional method of buying and adding chlorine. Salt water pools are still disinfected with chlorine, although they use a salt chlorine generator to make chlorine rather than buying it to add to the pool. A salt chlorine generator forces salt water over an electrically charged cell, a process called electrolysis which creates chlorine.

The chlorine produced from a salt chlorine generator typically has a higher pH level than store bought chlorine, thus pH and alkalinity should be monitored just as in a traditional chlorine pool. People who have made the switch to a salt water pool enjoy many benefits not available with traditional chlorine systems. The numerous benefits of salt water pools include:

• Natural process – many people enjoy this natural method of creating chlorine over buying it because it contains a far less concentration of chlorine with no strong odor and harmful toxins.

• Better for the skin – swimming in a salt water pool feels silky soft and does not dry or irritate the skin and eyes like chlorine can. Salt water actually acts as a moisturizer and exfoliator to increase moisture in the skin and can help improve skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne.

• Better for the pool liner – the innovative salt chlorination process and the consequent lower chlorine levels make salt water pools significantly easier on pool liners. This gentleness extends the life of pool liners, reduces maintenance needs, and offers a more pleasant swimming experience.

• No harmful side effects – some people experience a bad reaction to chlorine such as digestive and breathing issues. Salt water pools feel much more natural without those harmful side effects.

• Decreases stress – salt water helps to improve natural relaxation in the body with calming and detoxifying effects to support the nervous, immune and lymphatic system.

• Less maintenance – a salt water pool requires less maintenance as the salt chlorine generator will produce a steady stream of the right amount of chlorine.

• Less annual costs – making your own chlorine is a lot less expensive than buying it. Some estimates come in at $70 to $100 of annual maintenance costs compared to $300 to $800 for traditional chlorination systems. There is an up front expense of installing the salt chlorine generator and replacing the cell every few years, but overall people enjoy saving time and money.

• Greater convenience – enjoy not buying, carrying and storing chlorine along with no stains on clothing and no more bleached out bathing suits. Salt water pools also are not required to be shocked as often. Once your salt water system is set up, it is a very convenient with less time involved in purchasing chemicals and maintaining a chemical balance.

Learn everything you need to know about salt water pool generators, including how to choose the best one, how they work, how to maintain them, what you need to do to covert to a salt water pool and the many benefits of salt water pool systems.

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