How Does a Salt Machine Generator Sanitize Pools?

Salt Machine Generator

Salt Machine Generators work in swimming pools by virtually creating chlorine, similar to the chlorine you would typically purchase for your pool.  A misconception of salt water pools may be that they are chemical-free or maintenance-free, this is not the case.  Salt machine generators force salty water over a special cell that is electrically charged. 

Electrolysis Creates Chlorine

This process, called electrolysis, creates chlorine, thus a salt machine generator is also referred to as a chlorine generator.  Salt water without electrolysis would not provide any sanitation. Replacing the cell in your salt machine generator is required for these systems, but the advantage is that you do not have to purchase chlorine and carry it into the house, or to your back yard.  

Monitor and Balance All Pool Chemicals as Usual

Chlorine made with salt machine generators usually has a higher pH level, this must be monitored as the effectiveness of chlorine is affected by the pH level.  Salt water pools, and chlorine pools, face the same challenges with balancing chlorine, pH and alkalinity.  These three components must always be monitored in either type of sanitation system.   

The purpose of any pool system is to reduce microorganisms to safe levels, and to oxidize contaminants like sunscreen and body oils.  Saltwater systems usually only provide sanitation, and do not oxidize contaminants.  UV systems can be added to saltwater systems to provide disinfection with oxidation.  The experienced pool technicians at The Swimming Pool Store can help you understand the many benefits of salt water pools.

Salt Machine Generators at The Swimming Pool Store

Salt water pools can save the pool owner money in the long run as there is no need to purchase chlorine, although you still need to monitor and balance all of your pool chemicals.   IntelliChlor Salt Machine Generators by Pentair come in various models depending on the size of your pool.  TSPS offers the best salt water pool generators on the market with qualtiy Pentair and Hayward models. 

Learn everything you need to know about salt water pool generators, including how to choose the best one, how they work, how to maintain them, what you need to do to covert to a salt water pool and the many benefits of salt water pool systems.

Free Guide – Salt Water Pool Generators

You can count on The Swimming Pool Store to test your water with accuracy using our state-of-the-art water analysis software, and advise you on which chemicals are needed for perfectly clear pool water whether you are using salt water generators or a chlorine dispensing sanitation system.   

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