When the harsh New England winter is in full force, most of our pools are completely covered in snow.  While it’s easy to forget about pool maintenance during the winter, there are some things that you can do to protect and maintain your pool cover over the winter.

Follow these tips to maintain your pool covers even over the winter, as we wait for the next spring thaw: 

  • For inground safety covers, you’ll want to prevent water from touching the cover and trapping debris by using a cover pump near the steps or from the skimmer. 
  • Inground pool covers that use water bags should be inspected to make sure the bags are not deflated or leaking, and that the pool cover is still fitting firmly in place around the perimeter of your pool.
  • Above ground pool covers should be inspected throughout the winter and pull any slack tight to avoid a sinking cover. 
  • With any type of cover, scoop or rake away any leaves and debris sitting on the pool cover, and avoid heavy ice build up which can rip winter pool covers. 

Upgrade to a quality winter pool safety cover to prevent winter pool cover failures. 

Quality Winter Pool Covers Prevent Winter Cover Failure

Quality winter pool safety covers help to prevent winter pool cover failures when installed properly.  The Swimming Pool Store can help you find the best winter pool cover for your pool and provide professional pool closing services so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  Closing your pool properly with a quality winter safety cover will help to ensure a smooth opening in the spring.

The Swimming Pool Store has been providing quality, knowledgeable and friendly pool service for over 50 years.  We offer pool closing services along with installation of your winter safety pool cover for a safe, secure pool closing.  Schedule your pool closing online and contact us with any questions.