best inground pool coversIt is important to understand the advantages of the best inground pool covers and protect your investment with quality pool covers that keep your family and pets safe during the off-season. There is nothing worse than looking outside in the dead of winter to see your winter pool cover sunken into your pool. A winter pool cover failure can be a real pain in addition to possibly causing structural damage and leaving your pool open to a dangerous situation. A quality pool safety cover that is properly installed should alleviate any headaches with winter cover failures.

Best Inground Pool Covers Prevent Winter Pool Cover Failures

A winter pool cover failure can happen if you have an ill-fitting pool cover, if it is not installed and secured properly, or if it is weathered and experiences tears. Structural damage in your pool that allows water to leak out will also cause a pool cover failure.  Choosing quality covers from the best inground pool cover manufacturers can help to save you from headaches and costly repairs.

Pools are closed with a level of water still in the pool for a few reasons, one of those being to support the winter pool cover. Your safety pool cover should not be lower than 12” to 15” from the top of the pool. If your pool has a leak and your water level falls, you risk a failure with your winter pool cover as heavy snow will cause your pool cover to cave in under the pressure.

If you suspect your pool cover is caving in more than it should be under the pressure of heavy snow, take a peek at the water level to make sure there hasn’t been a slow leak that you may not have been aware of.

Upgrade to a Winter Pool Safety Cover

Don’t forget to inspect your pool cover and water bags if used to be sure they are in place and not deflating, and pull any slack tight to avoid your pool cover from sinking.  Better yet, upgrade to a winter safety pool cover and don’t worry about slack or your cover caving in. 

The Swimming Pool Store recommends the best inground pool covers from:

GLI Pool Products Safety Covers

Merlin Pool Safety Covers

LOOP-LOC Pool Covers

Check out these videos to see The Swimming Pool Store installing winter safety pool cover:

You Tube: Closing Pools and Winter Pool Covers
All about pool safety covers
Installing a winter pool covers

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