LOOP-LOC pool covers are recognized for pioneering pool safety since the 1970s and set the standard for what a pool safety cover should be.

History of LOOP-LOC Pool Covers

The company’s founder, Bill Donaton, co-invented pool safety covers in 1957 as a result of a friend finding animals that had drowned on his waterlogged vinyl pool cover. Bill envisioned a cover that would not collect water on the surface, but rather would allow the water to flow through it. This was the beginning of a new industry with the first mesh safety covers designed and sold in Connecticut.

LOOP-LOC was founded in 1978 with just five employees, with his daughter as the inspiration after Bill noticed that the 20-month old could climb the 4-ft. chain link fence surrounding the family pool. Today, his daughter is the President of LOOP-LOC that has grown into a business with more than 300 employees, features a 200,000 sq. ft facility headquartered in New York, and sells pool safety covers on every continent excluding only Antarctica.

LOOP-LOC Pool Safety Cover Patented Technologies

LOOP LOC Pool Cover
There’s Only One LOOP LOC Pool Cover

Bill Donaton served on the committee for the National Spa and Pool Institute, now known as the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP). The APSP worked with the premier materials testing organization, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to develop the standards specified for performance in pool safety covers. LOOP-LOC pool covers have brought safety to the forefront of the swimming pool industry with a record of trust and pool covers strong enough to hold the adorable “Bubbles the Elephant”.

LOOP-LOC’s founder continued to improve pool safety covers with GAPGUARD® and SAFEDGE®, now known as CABLE-LOC™ Child Safety Intrusion Barriers. This patented breakthrough in pool safety is designed to close the gaps where the edge of a pool cover meets a raised obstruction, preventing a child or animal from slipping through the edges of a pool cover.

LOOP-LOC pool covers was founded on the motto that ““The quality of the cover you make today can save a life tomorrow”, which the company still touts today.

LOOP-LOC Pool Safety Cover Types

It can be a daunting task to choose the best type of pool safety cover for your pool. The Swimming Pool Store will help you evaluate your options and choose the best cover for your pool type to have confidence in your investment. LOOP-LOC pool safety covers come in a few different models and various colors to match your outdoor décor.

Whether you have an inground or on ground pool, there is a LOOP-LOC pool cover for you.

  • Super Dense Mesh Safety Covers – mesh that virtually blocks out sunlight and allows rain and melted snow to flow through. Available in various colors including Designer Black, Gray, Tan, or Blue to compliment your outdoor décor.
  • Aqua-Xtreme Mesh – provides the benefits of both a solid and mesh cover, with superior UV blocking to keep algae at bay with fast draining in strong mesh materials. Available in many colors including Steel Gray, Hunter Green, Mojave Brown, and Sapphire Navy. Lighter than a solid cover, the Aqua-Xtreme Mesh is easy to install and remove.
  • ULTRA-LOC III Solid – a great solution for commercial pools instead of draining the water. Protect commercial pools with an ULTRA-LOC solid safety cover to reduce liability and you can even personalize with your company logo. Choose from Gray, Blue, Green, or Tan.

LOOP-LOC pool covers offer the Mirage tool to help you visualize your dream pool and customize your paver color, liner pattern, and pool cover design and color to see for yourself that pool safety can also be beautiful.

The Swimming Pool Store is proud to carry on the LOOP-LOC tradition of trust and safety, offering these quality pool covers for both inground and on ground pools. It is important to order your winter pool safety cover early in the year to be sure it will be ready when you need it. Contact us with any questions and to get your LOOP-LOC pool cover ordered today.