AquaComfort Solutions has been an industry leader for more than 25 years in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative and efficient heat pump pool heaters. The AquaComfort heat pump is one of the most economical heat pumps on the market, offering total comfort and control to maintain the perfect pool temperature.

HeatCOOL System with AquaComfort Heat PumpAquaComfort Heat Pump

The AquaComfort heat pump keeps your pool at the ideal temperature all season long with HeatCOOL technology. Easily heat your pool early in the season, and extend your swimming time after Labor Day with an efficient pool heat pump that starts producing heat when the temperature outside is only 40°F. For those scorching days, there is no need to add cold water with the HeatCOOL system technology that allows you to switch to cool mode when your pool water gets too hot. Combining heating and cooling in one cost-efficient heat pump for the best of both worlds.

Set It and Forget It Pool Heating Technology

With easy controls, you can set it and forget it to achieve your optimal pool temperature. Cooler areas like Connecticut, which typically have a few short summer months of good swimming time, can extend their swimming season up to six weeks before and six weeks after summer. AquaComfort heat pumps achieve up to 40% more heat when you need it most with effective low-temperature performance that works well even with an outdoor temperature of 40°F.

The Many Benefits Of AquaComfort Pool Heating Technology

AquaComfort pool heaters provide many benefits over other heating pool technologies such as gas and propane pool heaters with significantly more cost-efficient operation, greater life expectancy, and are more environmentally friendly. An added benefit with AquaComfort is that they are all built in the U.S.A.

Cost-Efficient Gas Pool Heater Alternative

AquaComfort pool heat pumps provide significant operating cost savings, which can be up to 70% less than the cost of operating a gas heater and up to 80% less than operating propane pool heaters.

Double the Life Expectancy

These innovative and reliable pool heat pumps also provide, on average, about twice the life expectancy of fossil fuel pool heaters.

More Environmentally Friendly

Pool heat pumps do not produce combustible byproducts like the typical gas heater, which can emit up to 20,000 pounds of CO2 each year. The AquaComfort pool heat pump provides cost-efficient, clean heat that is definitely better for the environment.

Built in the USA

All AquaComfort pool heat pumps are designed, engineered, and built in the United States, with advancements in engineering cultivated for more than 25 years. These pool heat pumps deliver reliability, superior performance, and low operating costs.

Calculate Your Heater Size and Savings

AquaComfort offers a Savings & Sizing Calculator, an interactive tool to show you just how much you can save for your size of swimming pool. A pool heater consultation from a professional swimming pool company can help you to evaluate all of your options and determine the best pool heating technology for you.

The Swimming Pool Store Offers AquaComfort Heat Pumps

You can only get the AquaComfort heat pumps from an authorized dealer, as they are not available for sale online. The Swimming Pool Store in Connecticut is an authorized dealer for AquaComfort, offering professional swimming pool services and quality products. We offer pool heater consultations to evaluate all important considerations for your specific swimming pool size and environment and analyze all available pool heating options to determine the most efficient and economical solution for you.

The Swimming Pool Store has been providing high-quality, professional swimming pool services and products in Connecticut for more than 50 years. We offer in-depth expertise in analyzing and choosing the best pool heating technology for your swimming pool. Contact us to learn more about all your pool heating options and the AquaComfort heat pump.