With limited hot, summer weather, renovating your pool with a pool heater will extend your swimming season by up to an entire month!   Pool owners located in the Connecticut and New England area are well familiar with the distinct change in seasons, and most of us would agree that we would extend summer time if we could.  Well, you can with a Max-E-Therm® Pool Heater!

The Swimming Pool Store offers options to keep your summer season going a little longer, in most cases allowing you to open your pool two weeks earlier, and keep it open two weeks later at the end of summer.  Ask about our pool heater consultation services.   In addition to the traditional gas heater most commonly used, we offer energy-efficient heaters such as the Max-E-Therm Pool Heater, which features Sta-Rite’s latest advances in increased energy efficiency, rust-proof exterior, and smart electronics. 

The Max-E-Therm Pool Heater by Sta-Rite offers several beneficial features, including a high energy efficient rating providing economical operation, a specially designed fueling and igniting process that provides faster warming of your pool water, a user-friendly and easy-to-operate control panel, and Dura-Glas™ housing that is durable in harsh weather and resistant to corrosion. 

The Eco Select™ Choice brand identifies Sta-Rite’s most energy-efficient equipment with low emissions and best-in-class energy efficiency.   With an ideally balanced mixture of fuel and air igniting in the combustion chamber, the Max-E-Therm heats up quickly to reach your optimum temperature, saving energy while effectively heating your pool.

If you are starting to count down the days left to swim, keep your water warm a little longer with this powerful heat source.  The Max-E-Therm pool heater is an easy-to-operate pool heater that provides warm and inviting pool water with eco-friendly technology.  Use a solar blanket to hold your water temperature during the cool evenings for maximum performance.

To learn more about the different types of pool heaters, the technology, cost-efficiency, and pros and cons of each type, check out our FREE Guide:

Navigating Heating Pool Technologies: A Comprehensive Guide

Don’t forget to call The Swimming Pool Store for professional pool closing services, keeping your equipment safe during the winter and providing an easy pool opening next season.  Understanding the heating pool technologies available, how they work, energy usage, and costs will help you to choose the right type of pool heater for you. 

The Swimming Pool Store is a full-service pool service and supply company offering best-in-class energy-efficient equipment utilizing the latest technology.  Contact us today for friendly and professional pool service.