Summer is nearing an end and many of us are making plans to close our swimming pools soon.  It is important to make sure that you balance your pool water’s chemistry before closing your pool for the winter.  Harsh New England winters can wreak havoc on pool water and equipment if not closed with the proper chemical balance.  Most of us know to add chlorine and algaecide, but what about the other chemicals that prevent staining and excessive algae growth?

Bring in a water sample for a FREE water analysis to determine how to leave your pool water in a healthy condition that will make for an easier opening next summer, free from equipment damage and unsightly stains. 

The Swimming Pool store recommends checking the levels of the following chemicals before closing your pool for optimum winterization:

  • Liquid or Granular Shock: Either chlorine or non-chlorine, add about 1 gallon of liquid or 1 lb. of granular shock per 5,000 gallons of water. 
  • Algaecide: A copper or poly-based algaecide will last longest after a fall application and will prevent algae growth until pool is opened. 
  • Stain and Scale Control: For pools with metal or staining problems, these products help to sequester metals such as copper and iron that cause surface staining and water discoloration. 
  • Phosphate Reducer: For pools with phosphate issues, phosphates often build up in winter causing algae growth and preventing proper chlorine sanitizing. 
  • Winter Clarifier and Enzymatic Refresher: Best for pools with mesh safety covers, prevents algae growth and cloudy water.

Prepare your pool for winter by balancing your chemicals as recommended by The Swimming Pool Store, store your ladders, return jets and other auxiliary equipment for the winter, empty your chlorinator if you have one, follow manufacturer guidelines for winterizing your equipment, and inspect your winter safety cover for rips or tears.  Learn more about the importance of closing pools correctly to prevent costly damage.

Contact us if you need a new winter pool safety cover; we will measure your pool for a custom fit providing a secure and professional installation, and ensuring your cover will withstand the weight of heavy snow. 

The Swimming Pool Store offers free water testing, trusted chemicals for optimum winterizing, and professional pool closing services.  Contact us with any questions or to schedule your winter pool closing.