Pools are fun, refreshing, and provide good summer exercise to all of us that like to swim, and that is also the case for many animals as long as you know how to keep your pets safe in the water.   Some dogs absolutely love to swim, and others are not good swimmers at all and may even drown in a pool.  Some dogs may be a lover of water but just need to be taught how to swim, like people need to learn.  Here are some tips on how you can help your dog to safely enjoy the water. 

First of all, while it seems like common sense, make sure that your dog knows how to swim.  Contrary to what some people may think, dogs do not just naturally know how to swim.   Not all dogs will know what to do in the water or how to swim without being taught.  Buy a life vest for your dog, and get in the pool with them to help them get the hang of it.  It may only take a time or two until they feel comfortable enough to take the vest off and see what they can do.  It is highly recommended that you are in the water with your dog at all times when they are swimming but if you do not get in the water with them, be sure to keep an eye on your dog and do not leave them alone in the water even for a split second.  Always be ready to jump in if they are in any distress, look tired, or need help getting out.  It is important that your dog also learn how to safely exit the water, as well as how to jump in.  If your pool has steps, be sure to teach them to swim to the steps to get out safely.  If you don’t have steps, remain in the water with them and lift them out when ready.

When your pet is finished with swimming, you should rinse them off in clean water to remove the chlorine from their skin which can cause dryness and flaking and will make your pet uncomfortable.  Drying out their ears is also important to prevent infections from developing.  A simple home-made solution of apple cider vinegar and water is a great ear cleaner for dogs and helps prevent ear problems from the pool water.

If you are hosting a gathering for a holiday party, be sure to know how your dog responds in a crowd and do not leave them alone near the pool or with the guests.  In fact, it will be safer for everyone if you keep your dog in the house and away from the gathering and let them enjoy their swim after your guests have left.  Dogs can be fearful of people they don’t know and especially loud, boisterous children so keep your guests and your pets safe during your summer pool parties!

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