If you are considering an automatic inground pool cover, it is important to know some of the most important pros and cons to make a wise decision.  You can always call The Swimming Pool Store for advice and recommendations, as we have extensive experience with all types of pool safety covers, including automatic hard pool covers for inground pools. 

An automatic inground pool cover can be a great investment, although they can cost quite a bit more than typical safety covers, which still do a fine job at protecting your pool and loved ones over the winter.  If you are interested in learning more about automatic safety covers, contact The Swimming Pool Store for more information. Any type of winter pool cover should meet ASTM pool safety cover regulations.  

Pros of Automatic Inground Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers come with a range of benefits that can significantly enhance your pool experience. Here are some of the most important pros of automatic inground pool covers:

  • Safety: These covers act as a physical barrier, preventing accidental access to the pool, making them an excellent safety feature, especially for households with children or pets.
  • Cleanliness and Maintenance: They keep debris, leaves, and other unwanted items out of the pool, reducing the effort and time needed for maintenance. This means less skimming and fewer chemicals used to maintain water quality.
  • Energy Efficiency: By reducing evaporation, automatic covers can help retain heat and reduce energy usage by minimizing the need for heating, especially during cooler months.
  • Water Conservation: With reduced evaporation, automatic covers help conserve water, especially in areas where water is scarce or during dry seasons.

Cons of Inground Pool Automatic Covers

  • Winter Maintenance: Keeping an automatic pool cover in top condition during winter demands attention. Monitoring the cover is essential to prevent heavy puddles caused by rain or snowmelt. An electric pump usually accompanies these covers, aiding in draining off excess precipitation to maintain the cover’s integrity. There might be a need to replenish pool water due to the weight of snow on the cover displacing some water into the autocover box drain.
  • Cleaning The Pool Cover: Periodic cleaning of the cover is necessary. Utilizing a drop of dish soap and a vinyl pool brush effectively removes dirt and grime. The frequency of cleaning varies; some opt for a thorough cleaning every other year, while others prefer more frequent cleaning sessions. The choice of cover color notably impacts how visibly dirty it becomes.
  • The Autocover Box: This component occupies space and can influence your pool’s design possibilities. Opting for an automatic pool cover might restrict certain aesthetic preferences or additional features you envision for your pool area.

An automatic inground pool cover can be convenient, although it doesn’t come without some required maintenance. Always speak with a professional swimming pool technician for the best recommendation for pool covers that meet your needs and goals.

The Swimming Pool Store Offers Pool Cover Recommendations

The Swimming Pool Store offers high-quality swimming pool products and experienced, knowledgeable services, including recommendations for swimming pool safety covers and winter protection. We can help you determine the best type of swimming pool safety covers and make the best recommendations for automatic inground pool covers. Contact us to learn more about safety covers, mesh and custom covers, and automatic pool covers. 

The Swimming Pool Store offers assistance in evaluating the best type of swimming pool safety cover for your pool.  We offer safety covers from the top brands and recommendations for quality installation of automatic hard pool covers for inground pools.  Contact us with any questions and to learn more about automatic inground pool covers.