There’s nothing worse than staring at your beautifully clean, sparkling swimming pool and not being able to swim because it’s too cold.  You can start your summer a little early with a swimming pool heater, and not let chilly evenings dictate whether you enjoy your pool on a nice sunny day.  With a Sta-Rite Max E-Therm pool heater, you can be in charge of your pool time.

Don’t waste the first few weeks after opening your pool due to cold water as is often the case without a pool heater. Even the best solar covers cannot keep water warm during some early summer seasons.   

The Sta-Rite Max E-Therm pool heater provides many benefits, including:

  • High energy efficiency rating providing economical operation, certified for low emissions
  • Fast warming of pool water with the perfect blend of fuel and air ignited for fast heating to your optimal temperature
  • Smart electronics with an easy-to-program user-friendly control panel
  • Dura-Glas™ housing for durability in harsh weather conditions with a corrosion resistant rust-proof exterior

Sta-Rite’s Max E-Therm swimming pool heater is identified as best in class with the Eco Select™ Choice brand for high energy efficiency with low emissions. 

The Swimming Pool Store Offers Installation of Your Pool Heater

The Swimming Pool Store is a full-service pool store and supply company offering many pool services, including opening your pool, water analysis with the needed chemicals for crystal clear water, and installation of auxiliary equipment such as swimming pool heaters.  We also offer a wide range of high-performing solar covers, which will help to hold your water temperature during the chilly nights.   

Our pool maintenance services help to keep your pool water sparkling clear, clean, and healthy while ensuring that your equipment is working in tip-top shape.  We have decades of experience in servicing swimming pools.  When you have questions about your pool, the swimming pool specialists at The Swimming Pool Store can help.  Understanding the heating pool technologies available, how they work, energy usage, and costs will help you to choose the right type of pool heater for you. 

To learn more about the different types of pool heaters, the technology, cost-efficiency, and pros and cons of each type, check out our FREE Guide:

Navigating Heating Pool Technologies: A Comprehensive Guide

The Swimming Pool Store is a full-service pool service and supply store, providing energy-efficient equipment utilizing the latest technology with best in class equipment.  Contact us today to learn more about our pool services, including the installation of an energy-efficient swimming pool heater.