We all love an inviting, crystal-clear pool, but beautiful and healthy swimming pool water does not happen by accident. Your pool filter deserves most of the credit for keeping your pool water ready for cannonballs and lazy days on pool floats. There are different types of swimming pool filters, like a sand filter and a cartridge pool filter.

Your pool filter is a critical component for maintaining clear and healthy pool water, relentlessly working 24/7 with no complaints. Pool filters remove dirt and debris and prevent gunk build-up, while pool chemicals such as chlorine and bromine effectively destroy aquatic bacteria for healthy swimming water.

How Does a Cartridge Pool Filter Work?

A cartridge pool filter contains filters made of a cloth-like, pleated polyester with a robust coating that protects the filter while allowing it to do its job. As water runs through the filter tank, it passes through the cartridges that effectively cleanse the water to return clean water back into your pool. The cartridges in a pool filter also do a good job of cleansing bacteria from the water and can catch microorganisms as small as 10 µm (microns). This makes it a little more effective in that regard than sand filters.

The cartridge type of pool filter also has a large filter radius for pools anywhere from 200 to 600 ft.². Depending on the usage, the cartridges should be replaced about every 3 to 4 years and only need to be cleaned once or twice per season. To achieve optimal operation, they should be paired with a variable speed pump that runs at a steady, low speed. Pool cartridge filters that allow for using multiple filters, such as 2 to 4 filters, will be much more effective than single filter systems.

While a cartridge type of pool filter is more effective at filtering bacteria as small as 10 µm, can handle a large area up to 600 ft.², and works well at low speeds, it is not the optimal choice for large pools and does require a bit more maintenance and sand filters.

Difference between a Sand and Cartridge Pool Filter

Sand filters are full of silica sand that traps dirt and debris as it passes through the filter and pumps clean water back into the pool. They are also a popular and cost-effective traditional method of filtering your pool. One of the biggest issues with sand filters, however, is that they do not catch everything and can miss finer particles and bacteria. The sand in sand filters should be replaced about every 5 to 7 years, and sand filters are a good choice for larger pools.

Pentair Cartridge Pool Filter

Pentair cartridge pool filters are a popular choice with high quality, four cartridge filters such as the Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Pool Filters. These pool filters feature an injection molded, fiberglass reinforced polypropylene filter tank with corrosion resistance. Pentair provides superior filtering with four polyester, nonwoven cartridges which are easy to remove and rinse out, eliminating the need for frequent backwashing.

Pentair cartridge pool filters can filter a large area with increased capacity for removing dirt and are only available from select swimming pool dealers. The Swimming Pool Store in Connecticut offers quality pool filters and assistance in choosing the best type of filter for your pool.

The Swimming Pool Store has been providing professional swimming pool services and products for more than 50 years. We are an authorized dealer for the best brands in the business, offering Pentair pool cartridge filters and other quality products. Contact us to learn more about your pool filter options and the benefits of a cartridge pool filter.