How to Maintain Your Pool in a Heat Wave

Pools and heat waves should go together perfectly, when temperatures soar there is no more inviting sight than the pool you’ve worked hard to maintain all summer. But when heat waves extend past a few days, they can cause a few issues with your pool water which is why pool maintenance is so important.

The biggest issue is chlorine loss. High temperatures and heavy UV exposure from the sun can cause increased evaporation as well as faster deterioration of your chlorine. Warmer water temperatures can also contribute to algae blooms, especially when chlorine loss occurs.

Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your pool during heat waves:

  • Use a home test kit/strips every day AND bring a water sample in to The Swimming Pool Store once a week to ensure your chlorine and stabilizer levels are ideal.
  • Vaccum your pool surfaces more often, as many strains of algae form on the surfaces first.
  • Keep extra shock on hand for when chlorine levels decrease or after heavy use of the pool.
  • Maintain ideal stabilizer (cyanuric acid) levels (between 30-150 ppm) to decrease UV light degradation of chlorine
  • Use a solar blanket or liquid solar blanket at night to decrease evaporation.
  • Clean or backwash your filter more frequently, as its workload typically increases during heatwaves

If you’re having trouble holding chlorine during a heat wave, bring in a water sample to The Swimming Pool Store for a free and accurate diagnosis and we’ll get you pool back in shape!

As always, we are happy to answer any and all pool and spa questions you might have. Please visit our maintenance page on our website to sign-up for our Maintenance Program, weekly or for a one-time cleaning.  Contact us with any questions on pool chemistry and maintenance any time of year for crystal clear and healthy pool water.