Now that your pool is open for the summer, performing regular weekly maintenance will keep your water safe and clean for an enjoyable swimming season.  There are a few steps that you should perform on a regular basis to keep your water safe for swimming, and to cut down on any big problems developing.  Maintaining the chemical balance of your water is important for safe swimming water, and keeping the pool clean is important for the proper working of your pump and mechanical equipment.  

Maintain Water Level 

Checking the water level and maintaining the ideal water level is important for the optimum workings of all pool equipment, and for proper water chemical balance.  

Clean Skimmers 

Check and clean the skimmer baskets regularly and remove any debris stuck in the basket.  This clears the way for the water to filter properly and most efficiently.  

Cleaning the Pool 

Skim the surface of your pool water regularly with a long-handled skimmer to clear leaves and debris from the water surface.  Removing leaves and debris before they sink to the bottom will help to keep leaves from creating stains on your liner which can be very stubborn to clean.  

Brush and Vacuum  

You’ll want to brush the sides and the bottom of the pool, pushing any loose sediment towards the main drain for easier vacuuming.  When vacuuming, you need to submerge the vacuum head and prime the hose with water before hooking it up to your filter.  This keeps the air out of the line, and is better for the pump and to maintain a good suction with the hose.   

Backwash and Check Circulation 

Unless you have a cartridge filer, you should always backwash after vacuuming.  This helps to keep the pump in good working order, which allows the chemicals to work effectively.  Circulating the water is important to maintain optimum swimming water health and the smooth-running equipment.   

Test Water and Add Chemicals 

Test your water regularly and add chlorine tabs, algaecide and shock as needed.  Shocking your water regularly keeps the pool free from algae, dirt and bacteria.  Follow directions for adding shock, and always know the gallons of water your pool holds.

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