Winter will be here soon, and if you don’t want to be outside in the snow repairing a torn cover or damaged equipment, now is the time to give your pool a winter check-up.  If you haven’t closed your pool yet, schedule your pool closing online before the weather gets any colder to protect your pool equipment.

The harsh New England winter can damage even properly closed pools, so it is always a good idea to walk around and make some visual inspections before the harsh weather arrives.  If you need a new pool cover, you do not want to wait any longer.  Here are some important tips to prepare your pool for winter:

  • Check your pool cover to make sure that it is properly attached around the perimeter of the pool.
  • If using water bags or inflatable pillows, make sure they are not drained or deflated.  Make sure they haven’t moved and are securely holding the cover in place.
  • Inspect your pool cover for pooling water or debris buildup and gently brush off leaves.
  • Make sure your pool equipment (ladders, return jets, pumps, etc.) are stored safely indoors.
  • Keep an eye on your pool after heavy snowstorms, making sure the cover stays in place and no tree limbs or other large debris falls on the cover.
  • If you have a solid cover, you may want to use a water pump to remove pooling water which can freeze and rip your pool cover.

The Swimming Pool Store can help to answer any questions that you have about protecting your pool over the winter.  We provide professional pool closings to make sure your swimming pool is protected all winter and openings in the spring so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  Let us turn your backyard into a staycation featuring your beautiful, pristine pool with our experienced and reliable pool services.

The Swimming Pool Store has over 50 years of experience in all pool services and offers a wide selection of all pool products. We provide consultations for pool renovations such as installing a heater.  Contact us with any questions and for more tips winterizing your swimming pool.