Winter is fast approaching, and if you have not yet closed your pool or scheduled your pool closing, it would be smart to put a winterizing pool plan in place. New England winters can often start early and cause damage to pools that are not closed properly.

Here are some last minute tips for winterizing your pool:

  • Have your pool water chemistry tested and balanced prior to closing – it is still important to balance all your chemicals including chlorine, pH, hardness and alkalinity to the proper levels before closing. Check out this article on Why You Must Balance Your Water When Closing Your Pool for more information.
  • Make sure to add the proper amount of winterizing algaecide and sanitizing shock – after your chemicals are balanced, add your winterizing algaecide to prevent algae growth during the winter and a strong sanitizing shock made for pool closings, not the type of shock that allows for swimming immediately.
  • Inspect your pool cover for any signs of damage such as rips or tears from rodents – if you use water bags around your pool cover, make sure there are not leaking or deflated. Better yet, invest in a winter pool safety cover to protect children and pets from drowning and to prevent winter pool cover failures.
  • Store your pool equipment (ladders, return jets, pumps, etc.) safely indoors
  • Clean your filtering system and follow manufacturer guidelines for winterizing

If you have a chlorine feeder, be sure to completely empty it of chlorine tabs and water, and store in according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Inspect the perimeter of your pool to ensure that the cover is properly attached and can handle the weight of several feet of snow. If using air pillows or water bags to keep the cover in place, monitor them throughout the winter to make sure they have not deflated.

Keep an eye on your pool after heavy snowstorms, making sure the cover stays in place and no tree limbs or other debris falls on the cover. The service technicians at The Swimming Pool Store can help walk you through some prevention methods for winterizing your pool. Learn more about how to close your pool the right way and schedule your pool closing now.

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