Solid pool covers for inground pools are a fantastic choice for homeowners looking to protect their pools and ensure the safety of their loved ones during the off-season. These safety covers are composed of sturdy materials, typically reinforced vinyl, and provide an effective barrier against debris and sunlight.

The Swimming Pool Store offers solid inground pool covers from two of the most prominent suppliers of swimming pool covers; GLI Pool Covers and Merlin Pool Covers.

GLI Solid Pool Covers for Inground Pools: Hyperlite Solid Safety Cover

GLI Pool Products offers a standout option in their collection – the Hyperlite Solid Safety Cover. What sets this cover apart is its exceptional durability, being 30% lighter than standard solid covers while maintaining improved strength and puncture resistance. 

Here are some key features of the Hyperlite Solid Safety Cover:

  • Superior Durability: This cover can withstand puncturing from falling tree branches, deer hooves, and other potential hazards.
  • Sunlight Blockage: The Hyperlite solid inground pool covers provide 100% sunlight blockage, preventing springtime algae growth in your pool.
  • Lightweight: Made with PVC-coated polyester fabric, it’s 30% lighter than standard solid covers.
  • Efficient Drainage: Includes GLI’s patented “Kleen-Screen” drain, which efficiently filters out dirt, leaves, and debris.
  • Sure-flo Full-Length Drain: This feature offers better water flow through the drain while maintaining sun blockage.
  • Commercial Grade Springs: Standard on all Custom Covers, ensuring top-quality performance.
  • Fast Turnaround Times: GLI Pool Products offers some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.
  • Safety Compliant: It meets or exceeds all industry safety cover performance standards as set forth in ASTM F 1346-91.
  • Warranty: GLI offers a 15 Year Limited Warranty with 3 years of full coverage.

GLI Pool Products also provides a variety of color options and drainage systems to suit your preferences. Their patented Kleen-Screen® drain and Sure-Flo™ drain options offer efficient water drainage while keeping your pool clean during the off-season.

Merlin Pool Covers: Safety Covers

Merlin Industries, Inc. is another reputable supplier of solid safety pool covers. They are known for being the original innovator of the Solid Safety Cover and have extensive experience in this field. Their covers are designed and constructed to enhance pool safety and simplify maintenance.

Merlin’s covers feature a patented safety cover spring, ensuring top-notch quality for safety. With their covers in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool is secure during the off-season.

Advantages of Solid Inground Pool Covers

Solid pool covers offer a range of benefits:

  • Superior Debris Protection: These covers create a complete barrier, keeping out leaves, debris, and harmful sunlight, which helps maintain your pool’s chemical balance.
  • Heat Retention: The absence of sunlight penetration helps retain heat in your pool water, potentially extending your swimming season.
  • Winterizing Benefits: Solid covers provide maximum protection against the elements, preventing algae growth and keeping your pool clean.
  • Easier Spring Clean-Up: When you remove the cover, your pool is cleaner, requiring less clean-up before swimming season.

When it comes to choosing the right solid inground pool cover, you have excellent options with GLI Pool Covers and Merlin Pool Covers. These reputable suppliers offer safety and durability, ensuring your pool is protected during the off-season. Learn more about the differences in mesh versus solid inground pool covers

The Swimming Pool Store is your trusted supplier of top-quality pool accessories and equipment, with over 50 years in business serving the needs of Connecticut pool owners. Invest in a solid pool cover today to safeguard your pool and enjoy a worry-free off-season. Contact us for assistance in choosing the best solid pool covers for inground pools.