Above Ground Vinyl Pool Liner Installation

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The life expectancy of the average above ground vinyl liner varies considerably in our area. We have seen some lower quality liners fail after only a couple of years and last as long as 17-18 years. As with in-ground liners, the quality of the material used will usually determine how long the liner will last.

Refunds and/or Cancellations
You can cancel your maintenance or service agreement or any other service that has not been started yet at any time by calling us during normal business hours and we will refund any prepaid service and this includes consultations that have not been started.



Here is what’s included with the installation of an above ground vinyl liner

  • Pump out pool water
  • Remove and dispose of existing liner
  • Measure pool dimensions to ensure proper fit
  • Repair any minor imperfections to sand bottom
  • Install new vinyl liner using high powered liner vacs to hold liner in place
  • Coordinate delivery of pool water (to be paid separately by homeowner)
  • Install new face plates and gaskets for skimmer and return
  • Hook up hoses to pump and filter and start system
  • Clean up job site of all tools, materials and trash

Cost for above ground vinyl liner installation and replacement varies depending on pool size and liner type.  Additional options include the upgrade on thickness of the liner from 20mil to 25mil and the installation of Armor Shield underneath the liner on the pool bottom to prevent rocks and protrusions from coming through.  We can also switch the liner attachment type from overlap to beaded.