In-Ground Vinyl Pool Liners Installation

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For typical in-ground vinyl pool liners installation in New England, the homeowner can expect to get 8-12 years out of an average to better quality liner.  There are of course some occasions where liners will last much longer than 8-12 years and sometimes they will fail sooner than that. People often ask, how do I know when it’s time to replace my liner? Here are some of the most common symptoms of a vinyl liner that needs replacing:

  • Liner has faded so badly there is no pattern left
  • Liner pops out of track and cannot be put back in due to loss of elasticity
  • Liner becomes brittle due to sun and chemical exposure
  • Liner constantly needs to be patched to prevent water loss
  • Large tears or holes in liner


Refunds and/or Cancellations
You can cancel your maintenance or service agreement or any other service that has not been started yet at any time by calling us during normal business hours and we will refund any prepaid service and this includes consultations that have not been started.



Proper measuring of the pool’s dimensions is critical to having a wrinkle free liner that lasts as long as it should.  There are cases of less than reputable dealers measuring a liner too small so there are no wrinkles.  The problem with this method is there is a tremendous amount of strain put on the material (especially in the corners) and it will usually fail within a few years. Here is a list of what’s included with a new liner installation:

  • Pump out pool water and remove existing liner
  • Properly dispose of old liner
  • Take all necessary measurements to ensure a proper fit
  • Repair any minor imperfections to pool bottom
  • Order a new liner from a quality vinyl liner manufacturer (usually Vyn-All in New Market, NH) with pattern of homeowner’s choice
  • Install new liner using high powered liner vacs to hold liner in place
  • Coordinate delivery of pool water (to be paid separately by homeowner)
  • Install new face plates and gaskets on all skimmers, return lines, main drains and lights
  • Start filtration system if it’s in good working order prior to our arrival
  • Clean up job site of all tools, materials and trash

Cost for in-ground vinyl liner replacement varies and is available upon request.