If you are considering an above ground pool liner replacement, you should know that installing a brand-new pool liner is one of the best ways to renovate your pool. Not only does a new pool liner completely change the look and feel of your swimming pool, it is one of the most economical ways to upgrade your pool and make it feel completely new and different again.

Above Ground Pool Liner Replacement Options

Pool owners today have more options than ever with endless choices of designs, patterns, and colors for above-ground pool liners. Pool liner replacement options include unique, bold designs or classic, beautiful hues of blue. You can change the overall look of your water color by changing the shade of blue from aqua to light or medium and even a deep blue color. Above-ground pool liners can resemble water, sand, stone, tile, or modern geometric shapes.

Install Only Quality Vinyl Pool Liners

You should choose the patterns and colors that are most appealing to you, to create your one-of-a-kind swimming pool retreat. Be sure to work with only a reputable source for vinyl pool liners North American suppliers must meet particular quality and safety standards that may not apply to every company you see online. Working with a local, experienced swimming pool store will ensure that you get the best quality of above-ground pool liner replacement near you.

Installing Above-Ground Swimming Pool Liners

Installing an above ground pool liner is best left to the professionals, as there are many factors to consider handling a vinyl liner properly to avoid holes or tears and to ensure proper installation. Precise measurements must be taken from an experienced swimming pool technician to ensure a tight, wrinkle-free fit that will last for years.

The current pool liner should be removed and properly disposed of and you should never install an above-ground pool liner replacement over an existing liner. For those that have no experience installing pool liners and are not so confident in performing the job perfectly, working with a professional swimming pool store is the best way to make sure your pool liner is installed correctly and will last.

Above Ground Pool Liner Replacement Costs

The cost to install an above-ground pool liner varies depending on the size and shape of your pool and the type of liner chosen. Choosing a thicker liner, such as going from 20 mils to 25 mils may affect the cost.

A professional like The Swimming Pool Store in Connecticut will perform all necessary tasks to remove the existing liner and install an above ground pool liner replacement correctly. We re-groom the bottom of the pool base to ensure a smooth bottom and take precise measurements to ensure a snug fit without excessive stretching or pulling. Our swimming pool technicians can switch an above-ground liner from an overlap attachment type to a beaded type.

When to Replace Your Swimming Pool Liner

If you think you might be ready to replace your swimming pool liner, some of the most common signs include a liner that continues to pop out of the track, one that has developed wrinkles, is cracked or torn, faded or discolored. Learn more about the best time to consider a pool liner replacement, and contact The Swimming Pool Store to learn more. We offer only high-quality vinyl pool liners from leading, reputable sources and provide experienced pool liner installation.

The Swimming Pool Store has been providing quality swimming pool services and products for more than 50 years. We offer professional pool liner installations for both inground and above-ground pools from start to finish, ensuring correct installation for years of enjoyment. Contact us to learn more and to get on the schedule for your above ground pool liner replacement.