swimming benefits for dogsMost people are aware of the benefits that swimming provides to people of all ages but did you know that swimming benefits for dogs is just as impressive. Hydrotherapy provides a total body, low-impact workout with aerobic and cardio activity. Swimming improves strength and flexibility, without the pressure on joints and muscles that comes with exercising on land. Water therapy is recommended for many people suffering from various chronic conditions.

Water Therapy Improves Many Health Conditions


Water therapy is proven to alleviate symptoms for people suffering from arthritis and may even slow down the progression of this painful condition. Swimming is prescribed to people with juvenile and rheumatoid arthritis for a low-impact exercise which can lessen pain and improve flexibility. Swimming may even help to put arthritis into remission for some patients.


Swimming also provides essential aerobic activity which is important to patients with diabetes. Aerobic activity helps to control high blood sugar and high cholesterol. When combined with the right diet, aerobic activity such as regular swimming can help to keep blood sugar in control. This may help to prevent serious complications from diabetes.

Mental Health

Swimming has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, which improves the mood and mental health of people of all ages. Water therapy provides many healthy benefits and just makes us feel good.

Swimming Benefits For Dogs

Dog owners know that our fur babies can be just like humans in many ways. They give us unconditional love and are truly man’s best friend. We also know that these amazing animals can suffer from many of the same conditions that afflict humans. Swimming is shown to provide similar health benefits to dogs, helping them to enjoy a longer and healthier life.

Low-Impact Exercise for All Dogs

Aquatic therapy is beneficial to dogs of all ages to help maintain muscle tone, flexibility and aerobic exercise. The buoyancy of the water is especially beneficial for animals that may be recovering from a surgery and need low-impact physical therapy to regain strength.

Water Therapy Benefits Older Dogs

Water therapy is also beneficial to older dogs may have already experienced muscle loss. And inactive dog can lose muscle mass in as little as 6 to 7 weeks. The completely non-weightbearing environment of water therapy is a great way for older dogs to exercise without causing injury.

Keep Your Dog Safe in the Water

The first step in water therapy for dogs is to make sure they know how to swim. This might seem like second nature to some animals although many dogs will need to be taught. You should purchase the right size of life jacket for your dog and get in the water with them if you can, until they get the hang of it. You can take off the lifejacket after you’ve shown them how to safety enter and exit the pool and see how they do swimming around the pool.

Be sure to keep a close eye on your animal in the water and make sure that they feel comfortable and safe and don’t swallow any water. You should rinse off your four-legged friend with clean water after swimming to remove chlorine from their fur which can dry out their skin.

Water therapy is beneficial to people of all ages, improving many physical and mental health conditions. Don’t forget to include your dog the next time you take a dip in your pool, and the two of you will enjoy a happier, healthier and longer life together.

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