Winterizing Your PoolClosing and winterizing your pool properly It is important to prevent damage and costly repairs. There are many things to consider such as:

• Balancing your pool chemistry prior to closing
• Protecting your pool equipment from harsh winter weather as well as pesky rodents
• Selecting the right type of pool safety cover

Check out the following tips to prepare your pool correctly for closing and contact The Swimming Pool Store for more information on pool closing services.

1) Balance Your Pool Chemistry

After cleaning and removing debris, balancing your pool chemistry a week or two prior to closing protects pool equipment and prevents surface and liner stains plus it will be easier to balance in the spring when you open it. You’ll want to add the right amount of the following as you are winterizing your pool:

• Chlorine shock
• Algaecide
• Phosphate reducer
• Stain prevention
• Winter clarifier

2) Protect Against Damage from Rodents

The last thing you want is to find holes in your solar cover when you pull it out in the spring or worse yet, damaged components in your pool equipment. Rodents love to find a warm, compact space to nest in the winter and can easily chew right through pool covers and wiring inside pool heaters and pumps. With some quick and inexpensive prevention measures, you can prevent very costly damages.
Mothballs are still a very effective way to deter mice and rodents. Dropping some moth balls around your expensive equipment and your cover storage area should do the trick. Seal up open cracks and holes in equipment with steel wool as rodents cannot chew through it.

3) Select the Right Type of Pool Cover

Safety should be the number one concern for every pool owner, and selecting a pool safety cover for the winter will ensure that children and pets are safe around your pool even when it’s closed. Safety pool covers should comply with ASTM F 1346-91 standards and be installed correctly according to manufacturer directions.

The Swimming Pool Store Offers Pool Closing Services

It is critically important to close your pool properly to prevent any damage from freezing over the harsh New England winters. The Swimming Pool Store provides complete pool closing services to ensure protection against harsh winter weather.

The Swimming Pool Store has been providing professional, friendly swimming pool services since 1969. We offer experienced personnel and a large pool supply store. Contact us with any questions and let us help you close your pool correctly for the winter.