Save $100 OFF your pool opening when you sign up for weekly maintenance.

This offer is valid through all of April and May when you let The Swimming Pool Store maintain your pool all season for beautiful and healthy, crystal clear water. 

Our weekly maintenance allows you to just relax and enjoy your swimming pool all season long while we maintain your pool with services that include:

  • Brush and vacuum entire pool (including verticals walls and pool bottom)
  • Check and maintain water level
  • Empty out skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwash/Clean filter elements when necessary
  • Regularly check all equipment to ensure its functioning properly
  • Maintain sanitizer and balancer levels and add maintenance algaecide
  • On-Site water test analysis
  • Add required balancing chemicals based on the results of the water analysis

We are so excited for another season of swimming and want to help you enjoy your pool as much as possible. 

Contact us by simply filling out the form to get on the schedule for your pool opening and weekly maintenance.