Spring is Here 

Spring is right around the corner and if you need to know how to open a swimming pool – now is the time to prepare to open your pool for the summer!  While you can hire a professional pool company to come and open your pool for you, if you choose to do it yourself we have some simple steps to follow to launch a successful swimming season! 

 Clean up the Winter Pool Cover 

You’ll want to first remove any standing water with a pump, then sweep away debris and leaves left standing on the cover.  If you have a mesh cover you won’t have standing water but you’ll still need to remove any leaves on the cover.  Drain any water from weighted bags and let them dry.   

 Remove Your Pool Cover 

With two people, you can easily pull each corner of the cover and drag it off to an area in the yard where it can air dry.  You may need to clean some areas with soap and water first, then let it dry.   

Once your cover is dry you can fold it to store for the summer.  You may want to consider storing your cover in a plastic container to avoid any damage from rodents if that could be an issue.  

 Mesh Safety Cover: 

If you have a mesh safety cover, you’ll need to unhook the straps that are connected to bolts in the ground.  These mesh covers provide safety from drowning during off season as they pull taught and do not allow a child or pet to fall down into standing water.  
With the help of a long pole that easily inserts into the eye-hook area, you can slide the strap hooks off of the bolts, screw the bolts back into your deck or concrete with an Allen wrench, and slide your cover off.  

 Remove and Replace Your Winter Plugs  

Unscrew the winter plugs in your jets or steps and replace with the proper fittings for use.  You’ll want to point the eye of your jets in an angle upwards towards the surface in order to promote optimum water circulation.   

Remove the skimmer gizmo, (a gizmo in the skimmer provides a seal while allowing for expansion during freezing and thawing).  Replace your skimmer basket, and remove any plugs in the bottom.  While you do this do not worry if you see air bubbles rise when removing your winter plugs, this means they were retaining air and were properly winterized.  

Install all Accessories Such as Ladders, Diving Boards and Slides 

If putting a slide back into place be sure to check for a stable ladder and frame.  Stainless steel screws should be used to avoid rusting which could weaken the structure creating a dangerous situation.  Make sure that all ladders are secure with a tight fit and that your diving board is functioning properly.  If you need new equipment, don’t hesitate to call on the experts at The Swimming Pool Store.  

 Time to Fill it Up With Water !

 Be sure to get the water level above the skimmer line before turning on your pump.   

 Re-Connect Plumbing and Start Your Pump  

Check your pump for tight fittings around the pump and any chlorinator if you have one.  Plug the opening used when you drained your pump in the winter.  Make sure your catch basket is in place and check any O-rings for a healthy rubber appearance.  Any dry or cracking O-ring will not provide a tight seal and could allow air to enter the pump which will hinder proper filtration, and wear on the pump motor.  

 Turn it On! 

 It’s always an exciting moment when we have everything in place and can turn the pump on.  Watch for an airtight seal and make sure you do not see any water leaks, then check your jets to make sure everything is working properly.   

 Time to Clean it Up by Removing Debris and Leaves 

 Use a large leaf net to scoop any leaves out that you can so that you don’t have to clog the filter with leaves if not necessary.  A large scoop net is best for clumps of leaves left from winter weather.  

 Use a long hard brush attachment to scrape the sides of the pool.  This dislodges any algae holding on from the winter and allows it to free fall into the water to be cleaned by the pump.   You will most likely have to vacuum your pool with this initial cleaning, and then again after the algae and debris settle to the bottom.  

 Test Your Water 

Take a sample of your water to The Swimming Pool Store for a complete and free analysis of your water.  We test your water with advanced software providing you with fast and accurate results.  We can guide you in the most effective and economical strategy to obtain and maintain crystal clear, healthy water. 

Contact The Swimming Pool Store to receive your free water analysis.  We provide expert assistance for pool installation, renovation, opening, closing and maintenance providing clear and safe water for swimming pools.