If you’ve got pool floats from last year that just don’t hold air like they used to or maybe the foam floats are missing some pieces and dinged up, it’s time to swap them out for new ones.  Replace your old floats with new pool floats from The Swimming Pool Store to kick off summer the right way.  There’s nothing worse than having a pool party or just a few friends over and someone is left without a pool float. 

Maximize Relaxation with Premiere Pool Floats

There’s nothing more relaxing than floating around your pool on a hot summer day in a comfortable, premier pool float.  Pool floats today are like a floating lounger with soft, cushioned material, a headrest and drink holders.  You’ll not have a care in the world when relaxing on a floating lounger, other than remembering to wear sunscreen just in case you fall asleep. 

Get the most out of your pool this year with comfortable, premier pool floats to provide the relaxation your pool was meant for.  Throw the best summer pool party and make sure everyone has a chance to relax in the pool with the best deals of the season on relaxing pool floats and loungers.   

The Swimming Pool Store Offers a Wide Selection of Pool Floats

The Swimming Pool Store offers a wide selection of pool floats and loungers in our 10,000 square foot pool supply store.  Give us a call or stop in today to find the best deals on pool floats, toys, accessories, chemicals and equipment. 

 The Swimming Pool Store is a full-service pool supply store providing pool openings, closings, ongoing maintenance, free water tests, safety covers, pool heaters and much more.  We have nearly 50 years in business pleasing customers with the best deals on pool service and supplies available today.  Contact us today to see learn more about our pool services and stop in to browse our wide selection of pool floats.